Tesla Is Highly Challenged, Hence the Capital Raise

TSLA built a plant in China at exactly the worst time in modern Chinese history because of the spreading coronavirus.

PepsiCo: The Choice Is Yours

You can either get out of the way, or get with it, but I fully endorse PEP as a defensive holding for nervous portfolio managers.

A Postscript on Our PluralSight Trade

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PepsiCo Beats on Revenue Along With Strong Looking Charts and Indicators

PEP could trade sideways for a few days to weeks but the major trend is up.

Jim Cramer: Being a Tortoise Isn't So Bad in an Age of Rapid, Errant Information

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Is the Latest Coronavirus News Just Another Dip Buying Opportunity?

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As Lyft Trades Lower Wednesday, Here's My Entry Point

The stock's decline is likely due to the revenue guidance range for the full year.

Trading Pluralsight: My View Is to Keep It Simple

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Charles River Labs Soars to a New High and More Strength Is Coming

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