Japan's Economy Sicker Than Expected and Before Any Virus Effect

The world's third-largest economy is likely to now be in recession, and Japanese investors have sensibly switched into defensive sectors and low-volatility stocks.

Jim Cramer: Is It Too Late to Sell and Buy Back Again?

There's too much upside, not enough downside, so the selling, which should have begun, just hasn't happened.

LivePerson's Weak Charts Need Repair

Renewed price strength is not likely for a while.

Walmart Remains in an Uptrend, Continue to Trade It From the Long Side

It generally pays to stay with the trend in force and to focus more on closing prices than opening prices.

Mattel May Not Be Swell as Base Pattern Continues

Its charts indicate that traders of the toymaker's shares have turned into aggressive sellers of the stock in recent weeks.

Jim Cramer: How to Value Apple and Walmart? Think Like the Sellers

You have to be fluid and dynamic, and get in the head of the sellers of these stocks. And then you have to see what they give you.

Stubborn Market Refuses to Budge From Uptrend

Most notable is how the coronavirus issue is having no negative impact.

Nvidia Blew the Doors Off Expectations

Until we close under $255, bulls are still very much in charge, and the trend points much higher.

Soaring Alteryx Could Rally Still Higher in the Weeks Ahead So Stay Long

Let's check the charts since our last review.

Newell Brands, in Turnaround Mode, Saw Q4 Earnings Top Expectations

The 'new' version of NWL is still comprised of a host of well-known brand names after asset sales reduced debt.