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Trading During Earnings Season

The most important thing to remember about trading earnings is that you do not have to hold a stock into its report in order to find good trade entries.

3 Earnings Reports Will Be Key for the Market Next Week

There is a good foundation for more positive action in the week ahead.

Big Blue Looks Like a Big Dud

We have decent odds of a new 52-week low in IBM over the next few weeks.

Coca-Cola Is a Pretty Solid Name but I Like PepsiCo Better

Do not look at Coke as a value play. This is more a play on global growth, but within the context of a defensive sector.

Coca-Cola Charts Show Some Fizz and May Pop After Earnings

The technical signals sent by the beverage giant's charts tell a bullish story.

Schlumberger Has Been Quietly Bottoming Since August - Time to Go Long

Let's check the charts of SLB to see if all that bearish news has been discounted.

Shorting the Dow at 27,000 May Not Be So Crazy

After seeing the idea raised -- and derided -- I found that the Dow has been over 27,000 twice this year and each time it did this....

Stocks Back in Focus, as China Trade News Shoved Aside

Without danger of major macro news and with earnings landing, investors focus on merits of individual stocks once again.

Jim Cramer: Here's How You Get a Not as Bad as Feared Quarter

I have the answer behind the conundrum that forces stocks up that should be going lower.

Ride This CSX Trade North

The railroad stock is primed to break out above its 200-day moving average.

If Intuitive Surgical Is Going to Move, It Will Be Immediately Post-Earnings

As the robotics sector of medicine begins to mature, ISRG finds itself as one of the old guard.

9 Stocks on My Radar Into Earnings

Don't be too quick to turn negative if there are some pullbacks.

A New Bullish Technical Strategy on Morgan Stanley

The charts and indicators are finally suggesting that a move higher is possible.

Here's Why I'm Short Netflix

For those long this name there is hope.

Netflix Needs to Catch Its Breadth Before Further Strength

Prices reached the $307 price target from the Point and Figure chart so now what?

Here Are the Problems I See With Netflix

Overall, I wasn't blown away by these numbers.

Netflix Pops, but Will It Drop?

Despite the stock's sharp move higher after reporting earnings, the technical trend remains lower for the streaming behemoth.

Jim Cramer: Netflix and CSX Lead the 'NABAF' Earnings Story

These stocks's earnings were 'not as bad as feared,' and here are some more names that pushed the NABAF narrative.

Jim Cramer: The Market Is Lapping Up These Stocks

There are plenty of senior growth companies that can still move higher.

Novice Trade: Bank of America

Warren Buffett may be buying more BAC shares. Here's how to play a move higher.

Electronic Arts Has Developed an Interesting Look

I like the long call now.

Buy Bank of America? Not Just Yet

Most importantly, at least to me as an investor, is tangible book value.

Bank of America Makes Its Move to the Upside

Let's take another look at the charts.

Markets Bet on Growth, 3 Month/10 Year Spread, Trading Nvidia: Market Recon

The Fed is doing this right. Let me repeat... the Fed is not screwing this up.

A Shift in Market Character Produces Improved Technical Action and Stock-Picking

This is a market that wants to focus on earnings, central banks, and other positive issues.

Bank Earnings Plus Low Expectations Prove Right Combination for Market

Market players celebrated news from JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citibank -- and it spilled over to the broader market.

Jim Cramer: Here's What We Can Bask in Today

On days like today you realize how much of this market has been mauled by the bear.

A Refreshing Shift in the Character of the Market Action

The coast is clear for more of a focus on individual stocks and stock-picking.

Union Pacific's 5-Month Correction Is Ending

Here's when to hop on board.

Wells Fargo's Q3 Results? Mixed Might Be the Right Description

Of course, performance matters, but investors are forward looking. For this name, this is especially true.