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Ulta's Q3 Is Strong Enough With Guidance That It Should Put Buyers in the Stock

As far as the technical picture, momentum traders have to be drooling at this gap fill.

Putting My Covered Call Strategy to Work With 2 Dinged Biotech Stocks

Sharp drops in Heron Therapeutics and Supernus Pharmaceuticals have presented opportunities to make lemonade out of lemons.

The Lesson of Kroger and Its Meaning for Your Portfolio

Kroger's bottom line is much more insightful than its top line.

Jim Cramer: Five Below Is a Winner in Tariff Mitigation

How companies talk about tariffs is becoming a defining characteristic going forward.

Salesforce and Workday Drops Show That Wall Street Is Still Setting a High Bar

While enterprise software firms are still generally reporting good top-line numbers, the group remains in multiple-compression mode -- for now.

The Charts of Coupa Software Leave Us With Questions

Is an upside breakout underway ?

Amazon: Let Price Be Your Guide at the End of the Week

I don't have an inkling to go long or short. If I already held a position, I would continue to hold, but there's no trigger here to begin a new position.

Jim Cramer: Be Cautious Today, the Tape Feels Bad

We are playing defense as we see some downward pressure on oil and healthcare weakness.

The Issue With Deere Is Its Guidance

I expect Deere to continue on its downward path.

Palo Alto Networks Needs to Rebase After Gapping Lower

Let's take a look at the charts.

Deere in the Headlights: Where's the Stock Headed After Earnings?

There's one key price level to watch for these shares now.

Best Buy Set to Break Old Resistance: Here's the Price to Watch

The electronics retailer beat third-quarter earnings expectations Tuesday.

PVH Continues to Fashion an Improvement on Its Charts

The direction of the apparel maker's shares should remain positive based on its technical signals.

Hibbett Sports Scores With Solid Quarter and Favorable Outlook

The sporting goods retailer shows there are still opportunities to capitalize on retail, even among beaten-up names.

Market's Consolidating, Not Topping

If the selling were more aggressive it would be worrisome, but it has been mild so far.

News While You Slept, Semi Tough and Updates on Amgen and Splunk: Market Recon

Also, Fed Chairman Powell says there are no plans for a U.S. digital currency (for now), plus Tesla's electric pickup.

Avoid the Long Side of Urban Outfitters Shares as They Could Sink Further

Let's check out the charts of this retailer.

Macy's Third Quarter Results Are Nasty but I'm Not Selling

Let us talk about the four reasons offered up for what looks and smells an awful lot like poor execution.

Macy's Stock Performance Is Likely to Remain a Turkey

The bears already were in control of the iconic retailer's shares even before it posted a third-quarter revenue miss.

Target Didn't Just Hit the Mark, It Blew It Away

TGT trounced earnings this quarter, but pay close attention to this key report on Jan. 15.

Target Gaps to the Upside Showing Its Technical Strength

Let's see what the charts are up to now.

Target's Earnings: Just Wow!

There is a very good chance that I end up long these shares prior to Black Friday. At least that's the plan.

New Lows a Growing Concern for Market

Apple turns red, retail slumps and small caps lead on Tuesday.

Let's Take a Shot in the Dark With Target

Here's a complex bet on TGT, as I have high hopes for this retailer's earnings on Wednesday.

Tesla v Ferrari: Road-Testing 6 Top Auto and Truck Stocks

There are opportunities across the board, from high-performance sports cars and EVs to RVs and trucks.

The Biggest Concern for Home Depot May Be Revenue Guidance

The key is not where the stock closes today but where it closes this week.

Watching for a Shift in the Character of the Market Action

I will be looking at some index shorts should the selling pressure continue into the afternoon.

Is This Your Home Depot Buy Opportunity?

Let's think about this and offer up some trade ideas.

Home Depot Sags on Outlook, but a Key Price Will Decide Its Ultimate Fate

A close below $230 would weaken its charts somewhat here on Tuesday, but breaking $216 in the coming days and weeks would be a big deal.