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5 Takeaways From an Eventful Tech Earnings Season

Among other things, results revealed that quite a few firms are now facing a higher bar, and that reopenings have begun affecting consumer behavior in a number of ways.

Jim Cramer: Trust Your Instincts Not the Direction of the Stock

The next time you are shaken out because of the action I need you to remember these examples.

I Wouldn't Want to Make Roku a Core Position, But Here's How I'd Trade It

My thinking is that if there is going to be a valuation shock to this name, it is not imminent.

Thursday's Close Shave, Troubling New Highs and Lows, Peloton Kicks Into Gear

The market came within whiskers of a technical breakdown on Thursday, yet few people seem to know or care.

The Reward Favors the Risk in These Beaten Down Names

A trader needs to go where they have comfort, especially if buying shares.

Trade Peloton By Following These 3 Steps

The next move for profit-seeking investors is what I call the 'death short.'

Is ViacomCBS Stock Broken? I Don't Think So - Here's My Plan

VIAC's first quarter performance knocked the cover off of the ball.

Here Are 3 Underfollowed Names That Had Interesting Earnings Results

As a value investor, it's an interesting time in Smallville for SBH, FLMN and NL.

ARKK Under Pressure, Peloton, Vaccine Moral Dilemma, Charting the Nasdaq

The fund is at a key spot technically, and there is real fear that if this spot cracks, what looks like a stretch of rough rapids could become a waterfall.

Here's Why I Think Barrick Gold Shares Can Be Owned Here

Don't forget, you are entering into a period of regular quarterly dividends 'plus' for Barrick.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Should Have a Good Year for Shareholders

The charts of the big tiremaker are largely bullish and indicate the rally in its shares over the last few months should continue.

DuPont Is Ready for Another Leg Higher

Here's our first price target.

Novice Trade: Apple

This is probably a good place to start accumulating some options.

Invest in Pfizer? Know That the Stock Is Not Volatile or That Risky

PFE reported Q1 earnings Tuesday and handily beat expectations.

Welcome to the Show, Trading FedEx and UPS, Vaccine Cavalry, Pfizer's Moment?

UPS and FDX are both in serious rally mode, yet in very different places in terms of technical development.

Jim Cramer: Don't Bet Against Comebacks in This Second Chance Market

Just like you have to know how to read a room, you have to know how to read a tape and this tape screams 'I'm not done yet.'

Deceptive Dow Continues to Cover Up Misery

The small-caps that were so hot eight weeks ago are still struggling to find support.

An Attractive Trade in Recent IPO ThredUp

I like the chart and elevated implied volatility into the earnings release.

I Was Early to Exit Berkshire Hathaway, Here's Where I'd Re-Enter

There's going to be an unsettling period of transition at some point for Berkshire, and at that time the stock will act like it.

Boat Maker Brunswick Should Continue to See Smooth Sailing Ahead

The charts of the recreational marine company indicate more potential upside for its shares.

Cashola, Debt Levels, Margin Squeeze, Earnings Expectations, Buffett, Amazon

I am going to tell you that there is no possible way that higher taxes are helpful from the market's perspective.

'Sell the News' Remains the Primary Issue as Earnings Season Continues

The mood is looking positive this morning, but we'll see if it persists once the opening bell rings.

Selling Into Good News Is Never a Positive

This a very challenging market right now, as good earnings are not enough to generate positive momentum.

Twitter Is Now a Long-Term Secular Short

The weaker members of the tech herd are showing signs that they will be unable to live up to the growth expectations.

Pockets of Momentum Remain Very Narrow

There continues to be little energy among stock pickers.

Align Technology Hasn't Lost Its Smile

ALGN made a bearish key reversal Thursday but there is no follow-through selling.

Amazon Has a Blowout Quarter and I'm Sticking With My Plan

I have rarely if ever seen a large company crush earnings expectations so decisively.

Great Amazon Earnings Are Not Enough to Boost the Market

One of the major warnings of a toppy market is selling off on good news.

Let's Take a Hard Look at Microsoft

Here's why the tech giant stumbled after earnings and what I see as better investments.

This Market's a Tough One to Crack

Will we see a reaction on Friday to Amazon's report that's similar to what we saw for Facebook and Apple?