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It's Whiplash as Earnings Land

Investors watch big-cap names like Apple and Alphabet land after seeing highs on Monday, declines on Tuesday and then bouncing later.

Jim Cramer: It's Time That the Tide Has Turned and the Prism's Going Negative

Once again we are back in the world where stocks are done going up, the apocalypse is now and we can't satisfy the earnings beast.

This Feels Like More Than Just Summer Doldrums

Is an incredibly big earnings night the opportunity for a needed washout?

Jim Cramer: Why Are China, Musk and UPS' CEO Killing Their Own Stocks?

Feel like a chump? You probably do after seeing what the CCP is doing to its education and tech names and after listening to calls with Carol Tome and Tesla's chief.

Kass: A Critical View of Tesla's Quarterly Results

TSLA is a company facing a profoundly more competitive business landscape.

Here's Why I'll Likely Exit GE This Week Prior to Their Stock Split

While the stock split may signal confidence from the management side to investors, I don't generally see reverse splits as positive.

Otis Worldwide Merits Lifting Our Stop Protection and Price Target

The elevator maker's charts are pushing the right buttons.

Chinese Crackdown, Bitcoin/Amazon, Tesla Earnings, My Big Plan for a Big Night

Why we ever allowed Chinese businesses to raise capital, our capital, on our shores, is beyond me.

Deceptive Indices Will Confront Major Earnings News Tuesday Night

Conditions for 'sell the news' action is good, but is it too obvious to actually work?

Invest in Lockheed? Here's a Best and Worst Case Trade Idea

LMT reported second quarter financial results Monday morning.

Taking Another Look at 2 Stocks I Like While Waiting for Breadth to Broaden

Recent news about Travelzoo and Albireo Pharma offer reasons to think those shares could be heading higher.

The Week Ahead, Earnings, Macro, Virus, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Trading Roku

This week will tax your brain. Your ability to focus on what really matters will be tested.

4 Primary Issues Are Driving the Market Action

Traders and investors are trying to adjust and stay ahead of the curve.

The Feast or Famine Market

While indices are hitting all-time highs, 60% of stocks are struggling or in outright bear markets.

Snap's Pop Results in Our New Strategy

The shares gapped higher after strong second-quarter earnings.

Intel Slumps to a New Low From Their Move Down Started in April

Let's check on the charts and indicators.

I'm Adding On to This Dip in Honeywell: Here's the Plan

HON's outstanding quarter shows they're hitting on all cylinders while increasing margin in the process.

Domino's Pizza Is Piping Hot

Domino's has been able to flourish during the pandemic and its charts look good too.

Not-So-Hot Thursday, Why Growth Will Stall, Unrelenting Virus, Snap Snapshot

Plus, what could be next out of the central banks and Congress and how it could affect Treasuries.

Flight Plans for Southwest Airlines Are Up in the Air

The shares have been on a downward path since early April.

Cleveland-Cliffs Rocks: Here's How I'm Trading the Stock

Right now, we are spirits in the Materials world.

Crypto Pep Rally, S&P Wonder Line, Minerd Unmuted, Chip Keepers, Trading Moderna

Small-caps and mid-caps are still picking first downs on every play, storming back from a badly oversold condition that has just about normalized.

Jim Cramer: I Tip My Hat to Chipotle Which Is Doing Everything Right

Stock picking matters and winning stocks are right under your noses every day.

I Like the Looks of This Action Into Earnings Season

I see much better stock picking and trading now.

Is This the Best Time to Buy Coca-Cola?

If you want these shares, I think you can buy them cheaper than they're trading right now.

Biden's Spending Plan, Market Rally, Trading Nvidia, Netflix, Chipotle

Also, there's reason to turn J&J's one shot jab into a two shot vaccine just like the rest.

Jim Cramer: I Love Seeing the Turnarounds Happen in Bed Bath & Beyond and IBM

I am betting with, not against, both CEOs. Too much good happening. Too little bad.

3 Buys I Made as the Trading Environment Improves

I'm becoming more confident that small-caps have bottomed heading into earnings.

IBM Has Come a Long Way But Has a Long Way to Go: Here's How to Trade It

I would rather sell IBM puts than buy the equity on Tuesday's pop.

Sifting Through the Wreckage, One Ugly Chart, Holding the Line, Netflix Preview

IBM beat expectations and the complexion the overnight mood changed. But will the mood change hold?