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Apple Is Far Better Positioned Than Amazon or Alphabet: Here's the Trade

One thing is clear: Apple's disappointments are far more correctable, and their cash flow is more diversified than either AMZN or GOOGL.

Is This Market More Than Overdue for a Pause?

We are probably at or very near the highs the market will provide at least through the first half of year.

Amazon Shares May Have Run Too Far, Too Fast

Here's the key for trading the stock right now after earnings.

With Ford Set for a Pullback, Is It Time for a Spin Around the Oval?

Ford reported earnings Thursday evening. Here's how the charts look Friday morning.

Jobs Day, FOMC, Underwhelming Earnings, Thursday's Market, Trading Alphabet

Technically, you do have all of the confirmation that you need to support a broad equity market breakout at this point.

Align Technology Stock Soars Higher After Earnings

I would like to see some sideways trading or even a pullback next.

Here's How to Trade Bristol-Myers Squibb After Earnings

If you're a long-term BMY bull, here's what the charts suggest.

All's Well at Honeywell; Here's Why It's Investable Now

This productive, profitable business is very close to being a cash flow beast.

Meta Did Not Follow My Script

I feel I must raise my hand like I committed a foul.

Positive Price Action Rolls Over the Bearish Narrative

Bearish logic combined with short squeezes and poor positioning is producing jet fuel for more market upside.

Fed 'Truce' Talks, Market Reaction, Powell's Disinflation, Meta's Mighty Moment

Plus, the most important thing that Powell said on Wednesday and why it's both good and bad.

McDonald's Solid Quarter Hijacked by Trouble on the Horizon

When the largest restaurant chain -- and 'Big Five' name -- talks you take notice.

I Like AMD and Lisa Su Even If the Stock May Need a Trim

Do not confuse prudent risk management with my not continuing to like this name.

Fed Day Is Here, Wild Market, Hottest Index, Employment, Ford Earnings

Does the Fed feel compelled to overreact to the current economic landscape, and thus compound past mistakes made?

A Bear Is Chasing CAT as Earnings Report Lands

Caterpillar can move earth, but can it move its charts in the right direction?

Bullish Optimism Cools as the Market Awaits the Fed Interest Rate Decision

The Goldilocks economic scenario that has been driving the market for most of January may not be as simple or as easy as expected.

That SoFi Technologies Improved So Quickly Is No Surprise: Here's What I'd Do

Here's the most important thing we've heard from SOFI, maybe ever.

The Death of Inflation, Sloppy Earnings, Heavy Macro Week, Wednesday Fed, Jobs

The coming week will be another exceedingly heavy week of Q4 earnings, this time with more of a focus upon the mega-caps.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

The price-action bulls won the battle last week, but several major catalysts will drive the action this week.

With Pfizer Firmly in Value Territory, Here's What Investors Are Missing

The stock is already down about 15% in 2023 as the pharmaceutical giant gets set to report earnings.

Chevron Is Crushing It and for My Portfolio Too: Here's the Trade

The only reason to exit the stock now is profit-taking.

Sobering Conversation, Not-So-Hot GDP, Ominous Yield Spread, Rally On

Plus, we take a close look at the charts of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite and check out Tesla, Disney and Salesforce.

The Market Is Embracing a Goldilocks Scenario for Now

The belief is that inflation isn't too hot and economic growth isn't too cold, though the bears argue this view is unrealistic.

As the Bears Battle the Bulls, the Market Action Remains Choppy

GDP, unemployment claims, and durable goods reports were better than expected, creating hope that the Fed will be able to create a soft economic landing.

Should You Trade Tesla Now? Here's the Way to Do It

Elon Musk says he's not worried about any damage done to the Tesla brand due to his activity on Twitter.

As Microsoft Shows, It's a Good Time to Be a Scalper and Buy Those Dips

The current market doesn't lend itself well to accumulating long-term position, but it is providing short-term trading opportunities.

Overcoming Microsoft, S&P Levels Off, Bank of Canada Wisdom, Mucho Data on Tap

Plus, a look at Wednesday's wishy-washy market action, the Treasury yield curve, Chevron's coming earnings and Lael Brainard's possible exit from the Fed.

Climbing a Wall of Worry

The market is shrugging off mediocre earnings reports as underinvested bulls provide additional liquidity.

Tea Leaves Point to a Weakening Outlook for Consumers and Economy

The nice start for the market in 2023 will soon fade.

There's Just Nothing Like a Negative Market Catalyst From Microsoft

The other major technology stocks don't report until next week, but the cloud sector is being hit hard.