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Biotech Isn't Seeing Much Merger Activity, but Here's a Stock to Like

Dynavax Technologies has inked a supply deal related to a Covid-19 vaccine that could greatly increase its revenue stream.

Here's Why I Continue to Be on the Zscaler Bandwagon

If any industry is bound for eternally growing demand it's cybersecurity, and right now ZS is best in class.

NovoCure Has Broken Down on the Charts: What to Do Now

Our latest analysis and trading strategy on NVCR.

Nvidia's Decline Doesn't Make It a Buying Opportunity - Yet

NVDA has weakened despite great fundamental numbers.

Let Retrace Back to Nvidia After Earnings

Here's what the the charts are saying now for the tech company.

As Plug Power Plummets, There Appears to Be More Risk Ahead

Let's check out the PLUG charts as traders react to the latest EPS numbers.

As Best Buy Drips With Pessimism, Here's How to Play It

BBY is probably evolving about as quickly and as correctly as a national big box retailer can.

Brink's Safely Delivers an Upside Breakout

Here's how to play BCO stock.

Tuesday's Wild Ride, Jay Powell, Borrowing Concerns, Palantir, Trading Nvidia

The Fed Chair threaded the needle better than Joe Montana down by six with a minute to go on any given Sunday.

Home Depot Reports, Shares Fall, and I'm Going to Buy the Dip

As one who is long HD, I am thinking big things for the spring.

In Defense of Walmart

Shares of the mammoth retailer have been punished of late, but the bigger picture painted by its weekly chart shows the stock still in an uptrend.

Night-Time Running and Trading, Tech Beatdown, Yellen on Bitcoin, My Nvidia Plan

Cryptos and cash are both headed for a real fight. For their own existence.

The Suppressed Economy, Impressive Earnings, U.S. Treasury Curve, Pandemic Watch

I want you to think about how quickly the long end of the U.S. Treasury curve is moving.

This Refinery's 5.8% Dividend Yield Is Betting on a Recovery

Valero Energy's dividend has not been cut, despite hard times. There is the possibility for outsized returns from a quicker than anticipated bounce back in demand, but clear risk remains.

Dibbling and Dabbling in Roku, and Here's an Options Play

This firm is performing well and is built to last. I just want to see if Wall Street thinks the shares are expensive here.

Walmart Impresses and Disappoints, Here's My Plan

There's a lot to look at on the chart, so I will go through it slowly to see if you see what I see.

Walmart 'Rolls Back' After Mixed Results

Let's check the charts of WMT.

Hecla Mining Reports, and Is Up Next in Our Precious Metals Series

While bitcoin may be getting a lot of speculative attention and dollars, the world has more history with gold and silver and base metals.

Rounding Action, Hot Retail Sales, Vaccine Thoughts, Trading Twilio and Apple

The funny thing about flat lines is that the move at the end is usually explosive, but could go either way.

Wingstop Shares Are Getting Clipped

This weakness following earnings probably has further to go.

Shopify Crushes Earnings, Here's How to Play It

Yet the stock is lower on Wednesday and the reason behind the selloff is plain to see.

Keep on Trucking With These 3 Plays on Heartland Express

3 options strategies offering very nice returns in HTLD.

Palantir Won't Trade Below $30 for Long: Here's How to Play It

After earnings, it seems money likes to bail on these stocks.

CVS Health Reports Q4, and Here's What I'm Changing Up

I do want to give new CEO Karen Lynch a chance. Nothing against Larry Merlo but I always thought that this stock was undervalued.

CVS Health Charts Are Heading Higher

Continue to hold longs from our previous recommendation.

Disney Has Done Everything Right, and Here's My Trade Idea

Disney is going to be one of the great reopening plays as economic activity normalizes.

Here Are 2 Biotechs That Posted Strong Earnings

Exelixis and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical are cash rich mid-caps that don't look overbought.

Mattel May Tip Higher or Lower So Watch it Closely Now

Traders long MAT from late October can continue to hold those positions but raise sell stops.

Warning Bells From GM

The firm said that the global shortage of semiconductor chips could/will damage 2021 earnings.

Amazing Small-Caps, Minimum Wage, An Unhealthy Survey, Trading Nvidia, Chegg

The Russell 2000 has now soared 16% year to date, nearly twice the Nasdaq Composite's 8.5% move.