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Chart of the Day: The Cloud Kings Lost Their Crown in the Fourth Quarter

As the market has encountered a bit of volatility and tech stocks began to falter overall, many cloud companies have outpaced the market on the way down.

Jim Cramer: I Can't Tell You to Buy This Market

I am urging you to think a little more long-term.

Tax Loss Selling Recovery Candidates, Part 3

I will be providing occasional updates on the 12 names, and it should be an interesting ride.

Adobe Stock Could Retest Its November Low

Let's take a technical look at the shares and come up with a trading strategy.

Analysts Say Adobe's Post-Earnings Stock Decline Is a Buying Opportunity

With the growth drivers available for Adobe, the recent downturn in shares is only more enticing to many following the stock.

Adobe Takes Hit as Acquisition Costs Muddy Results and Outlook

The pricey acquisitions of Marketo and Magento become an easy scapegoat for the stock's slide on Friday.

FOMC - The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight: Market Recon

How to stop an economic calamity while the rest of the planet goes into hibernation? Not easy.

Dave & Buster's Weakness in Same-Store Sales Hits Shareholders

It might be time to beat the traffic on Dave & Buster's.

Investors Put Dave & Buster's Stock on the Bench

If you do like the name here, I would caution you to enter with just a sliver of your intended position size.

Ulta Beauty's Charts and Indicators Signal a Defensive Posture

There is a heightened risk that Ulta could break its 200-day or 40-week moving average line in the weeks ahead so get defensive.

Was Lululemon's Quarter Good Enough?

Analysts expect the moon and stars from LULU and need to be brought back to earth.

Secure a Winning Trade With These Zscaler Options

Shares of the cloud-based cybersecurity platform company are set for a breakout.

Jim Cramer: China Is a Rogue Nation Acting Against Our National Interests

What I don't get is why would anyone in this country, any citizen, want the Chinese to do what they are doing in this country?

That S&P 500 Death Cross Is Still Hovering, Despite Market Support: Market Recon

The longer prices remain at these levels, the greater the impact upon the 50-day average. Here is what we need to see to reverse it.

Jim Cramer: Making Sense of the Awkward Situation the Fed and Markets Are In Now

Here's the context you need to be a little more clear-headed and a little less scared than you are.

Playing a Lululemon Call Spread Here Isn't a Stretch

A pre-earnings long or a post-earnings short spread may make sense here.

This Market Is Heading Into a Potentially Explosive Formation: Market Recon

Not only are European and Asian equity markets trading in the hole, but so are domestic equity index futures.

Dollar General Plummets on Pulled-In Profit Guidance, Shrinking Margins

Dollar General stock is getting a discount on Tuesday morning.

Foot Locker Stock Rises on Slam Dunk Earnings Even as Dow Dips at Close

Foot Locker is finding its footing amid a tough retail investing environment.

Running with Nike Keeps Foot Locker Stock Healthy

Nike is pacing Foot Locker's run ahead of its retail peers.

Foot Locker Surges on Earnings Beat, Breaking Retail's Retreating Trend

Unlike a number of other retailers, the shoe and apparel merchant is seeing its shares sprint higher on better-than-expected results and a solid outlook.

Kohl's Slumps on Tuesday Amid Weak Guidance, Retail Selloff

Shares of the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin-based retailer fell 9.23% to $64.45 per share despite the strong report for its fiscal third quarter ended Nov. 3.

Chart of the Day: Is Kohl's a Playable Stock on a Pullback?

Kohl's shares fell by 9.2% to $64.50 on Tuesday.

Walmart Stock Slips as Market Anxiety Stymies Earnings Day Pop

Walmart can't climb despite an earnings beat on Thursday.

Walmart Stock Mixed After Q3 Results, Increased Guidance

CEO McMillon: 'We're accelerating innovation and utilizing technology to shape the future of retail.'

Macy's Shares Plummet on Wednesday Despite Strong Earnings Report

Macy's makes a big move downward on Wednesday.

Retail Is Ready to Take Off This Holiday Shopping Season

The upcoming shopping season could be a strong one for many retailers.

Shrinking Stores Are Shrinking Shares of Macy's on Wednesday

Macy's move to downsize some of its stores may be weighing on investors' minds on Wednesday.

E-Commerce Could Elevate Macy's Stock Out of Its Post-Earnings Doldrums

An old dog is utilizing new tricks to keep growth going.

Don't Sweat Macy's Post-Earnings Stock Slide

The decline in Macy's shares after a strong earnings report could signal a buying opportunity for investors.