Market Consolidates as It Ponders How 4 Themes Will Play Out

The themes involve inflation, fiscal stimulus, cryptocurrency and whether we're at peak growth.

Covid Recovery, Inflation, Jobs Data, AMD, Crypto Regulation?, Too Many Teslas

Seasonally adjusted data, always suspect, has never meant less than now, when there really is no historical comparison -- to anything

Rotation Back Into Growth and Speculative Names Continues to Grow

A positive environment for traders looks likely to continue Tuesday.

Will Cryptocurrencies Have Another Lost Weekend?

It will be interesting to watch crypto while equity markets are closed for three days.

Keep an Eye on Biotech and Cryptos as the Weekend Approaches

There's one name I've added to today.

Speculative Interest in Equities Continues as Cryptos Take Another Hit

The vicious rotation out of growth and into value has ended.

Stocks Drift as Summer Trading Kicks In

With the Memorial Day weekend at hand, it appears that the market already is beginning to lose some energy.

MUDS Is Slowly Rising to the Topps

While Mudrick Capital Acquisitions Corp. has been stuck, it's now getting into action -- and here's how to play it.

Crypto and Stocks: Should Investors Be Worried About Linkage?

The use case for crypto has dropped dramatically in the past week.

This Is Looking More Like a Goldilocks Environment

Small-caps are looking better, and stock-picking is finally starting to look up.