The Corrective Action Hits the Big Caps

Bond yields continue to fall as worries about slowing growth replace inflation fears.

Short CurrencyWorks? Simply Don't Do It

In this sea of thousands upon thousands of stocks, there are better setups than shorting a $1 or $2 name, any name.

Crypto Sector Shines as Rotational Action Shifts Again

Trading will continue to slow as we approach the long weekend.

Navigating Rotation Is the Key to Superior Returns in This Market

The rolling corrective action is what is helping to keep the overall trend positive.

What's Next for Tesla, Shake Shack and Bitcoin?

Has Tesla woken up? Is Shack back? Can Bitcoin shake the blues?

Bitcoin Is Setting Up as a Buy

The digital currency is trading in an area of support, which makes a trade possible provided a buyer puts in a tight stop to minimize risk.

Not Everything in This Market Is 'FUD'

Fear, uncertainty and doubt often create ideal buying opportunities when the narrative is truly false, but can cost you a lot of money when it is true.

Add Vinco Ventures to My Roster of NFT Plays That Are Worth a Shot

Vinco's twist on non-fungible tokens is a three-dimensional NFT that brings entertainers and athletes into your living room via virtual and augmented reality.

Our Technical Strategy on MicroStrategy

MSTR looks ready now for renewed gains.

Bitcoin Stocks Get a Better Bounce in Front of Key CPI Report

I'm looking for entries on pullbacks, but we may need to get past economic news before trading heats up.