Jim Cramer: All This 'Speculative Mania' Is Just a Well-Contained Sideshow

Bitcoin, NFTs, ethereum or even the S&P are not what matters right now. They're simply a series of exciting developments that aren't putting people to work.

Jim Cramer: The Sins of a Messianic Market

We have crypto worshippers, false idols and those who believe selling can equal betrayal.

S&P Loses Some Shine on Coinbase IPO

The initial public offering turned out to be a bit of a dud, but that may be what the market needs.

Coinbase's Market Cap Is Too Huge for Competitors to Ignore It Any Longer

Yes, COIN is only one company, one stock, but it's a mountain of emotion right now.

The Markets Are Steadily Climbing

I'm hoping that we see some more rotational action rather than a broad market correction.

Bank Earnings and Coinbase in the Spotlight as Traders Struggle

There has been a lack of energy in the market, but things did perk up late Tuesday.

Not Another Manic Monday, Bond Bidding, Coinbase Excitement, Semiconductor Wars

If you're looking for the meme traders, we found them. They're trading cryptocurrencies ahead of the Coinbase direct listing.

Bubbly Action, Bad Breadth, Credit Suisse Stumbles, SDR Charade, Eye on Big Tech

I find this action most likely to be less than sustainable, without provoking an algorithmic counter. In other words, don't just be nimble, but tread softly.

Jim Cramer: There's No Off Switch to Speculation or Greed

Once you recognize that growth versus value is a false dichotomy than we can figure out what's ailing so much of the market.

These 2 Stocks Are for Real

I'd pay attention to CurrencyWorks and Liquid Media.