Dogecoin? Really? Taking a Hit on 19 is Not a Smart Approach to the Market

I worry that we are going to see a lot of folks go bust here soon rather than gathering up at least some of their winning chips.

We Are a Foolish People, Colonial Pipeline, Cryptocurrencies, Job Numbers

Beyond refined fuels, what else is susceptible to sophisticated criminal or terrorist activity? The entire grid? Clean water?

A Bushel of Reality for the 'Commodity Supercycle'

The diamond hands that worked for some in GameStop stock and cryptocurrencies likely won't work in corn and soybeans.

Jim Cramer: There Are 3 Market Bubbles Now but 2 Can Be Eliminated

Bubbles are an excuse to stay underinvested or doubtful about all assets, particularly equities.

Bye Bye Bitcoin?

Thursday's actions by the U.S. on Russia highlight how crypto makes it much easier for despots to avoid the impact of sanctions.

Watch for the Possible Resumption of the Rally in Marathon Digital

I'm looking for a buy 'trigger' against the support and timing.

Bitcoin Stabilizes, COVID Update, Earnings So Far, Apple Event

The marketplace responded well to the first week of earnings season, or should we say what we saw beyond the banks that dominated.

Coinbase Is Not Loose Change: How I'm Building a Position

There is a fundamentally sound business here (for now), but the shares have yet to build what we call an IPO base.

Here's Where Bitcoin and Tesla Are Headed

It should come as no surprise that they broke out in tandem on Tuesday. Here are my price targets.

Overbought Conditions Are Being Ignored, But Rotation Is Picking Up

Earnings are providing a boost, but we need to watch for shifting sector action.