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FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Q4 Shows Promise After 'Vortex of Pain'

Despite a high volume of noise, inflation remains the primary macro driver for markets, while a government shutdown could put the Fed on an automatic 'structural pause.'

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Market Response to Hawkish Fed Is an Overreaction

Here's why we believe 'higher for longer DUE to higher GDP' has a more dovish tone, and remain constructive for the rest of the year.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Stock Markets Churn Ahead of FOMC Week

We see multiple reasons to expect improved market performance going into the second half of September.

Is Bitcoin's Decline Foreshadowing Further Nasdaq Weakness?

Technical analysts often look for stocks or indexes for subtle hints on ones leading the pack.

FSI Weekly Roadmap: Tough September Start, but Broader Outlook Is Constructive

Potentially positive catalysts are expected next week, notably the latest CPI numbers. Plus our latest view on Apple.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Market Reacts Positively to a Slew of Economic Data

Takeaways from our research heads heading into September.

Excited About the Recent Uptrend of Coinbase? Don't Be

Much of the cryptocurrency moves - up and down - have been driven by emotion.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: What's Next for the Market After Jackson Hole?

Stocks end three-week losing streak despite challenges from surging yields, seasonality.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: We Remain Cautiously Constructive in a Choppy August

S&P, Nasdaq notch weekly decline despite good CPI numbers.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Positive Catalysts Seen Despite Tough Start to August

Market views from the FS Insight team, including Tom Lee, Mark Newton, Sean Farrell and L. Thomas Block.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Markets climb after FOMC week and strong economic data.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Markets See Mixed Week as Earnings Season Begins

Market views from the FS Insight team, including Tom Lee, Mark Newton, Sean Farrell and L. Thomas Block.

Has Coinbase Finally Gotten Its Act Together?

Here's the price area where traders could go long.

South Korea Takes Lead on Crypto Regulation With Passage of New Law

The cryptocurrency hotbed has introduced one of the world's first laws specifically regulating how cryptocurrencies are traded and stored.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Stocks take breather as Bitcoin hits 2023 highs.

Riot Platforms Looks to Build on Its Gains

Here's what aggressive traders could do now.

Marathon Digital Is Showing New Life

The increased trading volume in the bitcoin miner since the beginning of the year is significant.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Stocks' continued strength bodes well for second half.

TheStreet Live Event: Overcome Stagnation in Your Portfolio

Watch a live stream of the event with Tom Lee along with TheStreet's Doug Kass, Helene Meisler, and Chris Versace!

Bulls Keep Raging, GDP Outlook Sags, Microsoft Mania, Rebalancing Heads Up

Plus, BlackRock has filed the necessary paperwork with the SEC to establish a spot Bitcoin ETF, which would be the first of its kind.

I'm Not a Crypto Kind of Guy Right Now

However, I could be down the road as some of what I see being developed holds significant potential.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Stocks Officially Enter New Bull Market

Beware the Potential Effect of the SEC's Crypto Crusade on Equities

Is a crackdown on the cryptocurrency market the outlier that stock traders didn't see coming because they were focused on inflation and interest rates?

Coinbase Could Make or Lose a Lot of Coin Based on Its Trading Pattern

The stock of the operator of a cryptocurrency exchange platform could stage a powerful breakout or breakdown based on recent movements.

I Don't See the Buck Getting BRIC'd, but I Do See a Bet on P&G

Is the U.S. dollar on the verge of a steep decline as more nations push an alternative currency alliance? Let's see, and let's see what all this could mean for stocks like PG.

Does Bitcoin's Rally Make Any Sense?

Let's put the move in the cryptocurrency into a perspective I understand.

Banks Might Have Gotten Hit Too Hard

Let's look at the non-farm jobs report, the debt ceiling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in banks.

Silvergate Capital Plummets 40% and Looks Severely Tarnished

The crypto-based bank has delayed their annual SEC filing. Let's check the charts.