2 Issues I'm Tracking in a Turkey of a Market

Uber Technologies and AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF are tempting as buys amid a landscape strewn with a lot of broken stocks.

Here's How I'm Playing This Uncertain Market Action

There's one mistake that's easy for traders to make in this sort of market.

The Easiest Way to Play the Dip in Marijuana MSOs

What caught my eye Thursday was the bullish reversal in Curaleaf Holdings and Cresco Labs during the final minutes of the trading session.

Momentum Slows as Corrective Action Intensifies

The good news is that some of the frothy speculation has cooled, and skepticism is building.

SPACs and Cannabis Are on My Screens as Traders Hunt for Action

Right now, there is tension between overbought technical conditions and an appetite for speculative trading.

Speculation Is Where It's At

Trading in cannabis, electric vehicles, and a variety of SPACs was extremely strong.

The Tide May Be Turning for Cannabis Stocks: Here's How I'm Playing It

Given that cannabis stocks have only begun to turn higher, I'm not going overly aggressive on this trade.

While Traditional Wall Street Worries, Retail Traders Stay Aggressive

Big-picture experts fret about how the indices are dancing around to inflation and other macro concerns while missing the positive action in many stocks.

I See a Direction for Compass Pathways

It may have a tough pill to swallow right now, but I'm still optimistic about psilocybin in general, and especially Cybin.

Putting Together an End-of-Year Trading Strategy

Let's review areas that are hot, those that are not, and how to position though January.