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None of These Stocks Are Short-Term Trades for Me

No one likes seeing a name they hold decline in value.

Indices Fail to Tell the Story of This Market

Stay focused on sectors and rotational action if you want to navigate the action.

The Rolling Correction Is Rolling Along

This market is not nearly as strong as it looks.

Liquidity Dries Up and Small-Caps Are Slammed

There is some very ugly action under the surface.

Shares of Aphria Are Burning Out

Charts look vulnerable for the cannabis name as earnings disappoint.

Constellation Brands' Downside Price Gap Has Me on the Sidelines

A look at STZ after its latest earnings report.

The Dominant Trading Theme Right Now Is 'Waiting for the Next Catalyst'

I'm currently heavily invested in several stocks that are drifting around as I'm quite confident that the eventual catalysts will come.

Awaiting Further Clarity on Constellation Brands

Here's what I would do now.

Here's Why I'm Looking at the AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF

There is plenty of upside for a trade, but I think MSOS is a long-term buy and hold as well.

New York State's Original 10 Cannabis Companies Are Big Winners

New York became the 16th state to legalize adult use cannabis.

How We'd Play GrowGeneration Right Now

The fundamental story and the technical story are not on the same page.

Rotation Reverses as 'Reopen' Plays Are Hit

The big cap technology names are doing much better.

A Little Milder Market Action Wouldn't Hurt at This Point

There have been rotations on a daily basis and it has created several bull traps just when it looked like momentum was growing.

I Believe Cannabis and SPACs Will Develop Well for Trend Trades

We are seeing better trading action as the day continues, and I'm looking to put more cash to work.

Hot Pockets of Speculative Action Are Shifting Fast

Traders have to move very quickly to stay ahead of the game.

Stifel Expecting Pressure On Canadian Cannabis Companies

More competition at lower prices will make it harder to be profitable.

The Bulls Are Back in Town: 20 Stocks I'm Trading

There is so much going on right now that it is overwhelming.

It's Good Action Today, but We Still Need Follow-Through

The key is that the market consolidates for a while before it attempts another thrust to the upside.

The Psilocybin Patent Race Is On

It feels like these companies are casting a wide net, but it makes sense to file at the beginning of this mushroom mania.

Canopy Growth Has Corrected but Needs More Accumulation

Let's review the charts and indicators.

As SPACs Get Sold Off, Let's Get Deep Into the Weeds

Cannabis names are starting to light up.

The Battle Over Cannabis Operator Verano Holdings' Stock

Sol Global and MMCap are fighting in court over who owns or owes what of the company's shares.

Corrective Action Continues but Start Preparing for Some Stock Picking

The good news is that this action is what is needed for much better opportunities in the future.

Viridian Capital Launches Cannabis Research Coverage

Their initial research includes three rated companies.

Here's Where I See SPAC Opportunities Right Now

As all eyes are on Churchill Capital IV and Lucid Motors, let's broaden our focus to these other names -- especially those in the commercial electric vehicle sector.

After a Brief Rest, Stock Pickers Are Back

I believe that the corrective action of the last couple of days should be a platform for some good technical action.

A Much-Needed Small Cap Correction Has Not Done Any Major Technical Damage

Small-caps have underperformed the last few days but that's to be expected after the run they've had.

An Overnight Reversal in Bitcoin Is Slowing Speculative Trading

Pockets of speculative action keep shifting as the market undergoes some much-need corrective action.

Stock Picking Is Key After This Gap-Up Open

Bitcoin names are hot while Cannabis stocks are jumping back. It is a stock picker's market, right now.