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Cannabis Stocks Are Too High

The U.S. Department of Health has announced that it favors reclassifying marijuana, but traders would do well not to be sucked in by the recent surge in cannabis names.

As Tilray Gets a Retail Cheer, Its Stock Could Still Be Toast

TLRY bought eight beer brands from Anheuser-Busch InBev, boosting its 'meme' stock potential.

Want to Invest in Constellation Brands? Wait for a Discount

The quarter wasn't great, but the guidance was promising.

Doug Kass: Cannabis Stocks Are Still Not SAFE

Though it is tempting, there are a host of reasons why I'm not bottom fishing.

Cannabis ETFs Could Soon Turn a New Leaf

With likely passage of new legislation, the pot industry might have a remedy for the nausea it gave investors.

3 Market Sectors Are Likely to Be Most Impacted by the Midterm Election

The focus is on positioning for the election and CPI Thursday.

I'm Monitoring a Cannabis ETF That's Showing Signs of Bottoming

It's a dicey play as the price action isn't defined as yet and the ETF still could break lower.

If You're High on Tilray, Invest for the Long Term

TLRY is probably not that close to sustained profitability, but it has built the balance sheet to tough out these hard times.

I Have a Strategy for This Cannabis ETF

Let's review the charts and indicators of MSOS.

Cannabis Stocks Get a Long-Awaited Pardon as Traders Await Friday's Jobs Report

There was some interesting action under the surface in the market Thursday .

Constellation Brands Still Looks Like a Falling Star

The shares are sinking despite an EPS and revenue beat.

Doug Kass: Don't Believe All The Hype!

There are much broader implications beyond my unprofitable venture into cannabis stocks.

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With Cannabis Exposure

These names provide exposure to the cannabis industry, but also pay hefty dividends to shareholders.

Thursday's Rally Was Swell, but Powell Could Reverse That Momentum Quickly

It would be foolish to ignore the Fed chairman, who could sneeze and turn everyone bearish.

Big Tech Produces a Mixed Earnings Bag, but This Cannabis ETF Finally Perks Up

Meanwhile, the market indexes remain on cruise control as traders await Jerome Powell's utterances at Jackson Hole.

Doug Kass: 10 Reasons Why I Plan to Substantially Increase My Cannabis Holdings

It seems to me that federal legislation is inevitable.

A Cannabis ETF and a Micro-Cap Stock That Have Grabbed My Attention

The ETF is showing signs of perking up and the micro-cap is a maker of electric outboard motors.

Catch These 2 Cannabis 'Back Door' Plays on the Rebound

The risk/reward profiles of AGFY and MAP are enticing.

5 Cannabis Stock Favorites as the Battered Sector Battles Back

Tech stocks didn't disappear after the dot-com bubble; the cream of the crop came back healthier than ever. And so will the best-run cannabis stocks.

Is Tilray Going Up in Smoke?

Shares of the cannabis company have provided a rude awakening for buy-and-hold investors.

Chipmakers Show Some Life, but Don't Rush Into Building Positions in Them

The same can be said of cannabis stocks as fresh talk of federal legislation to legalize marijuana likely is just that… talk.

Is a Stealth Bull Market Developing in These Long-Suffering Sectors?

I have my eye on relative strength in groups that have lagged for a very long time.

As the Market Struggles to Bounce Back, Here's My Game Plan

Many stocks are very oversold, and sentiment is about as bad as it gets.

A New Pot ETF Just Lit Up, So Let's Get Deep Into the WEEDs

Here we'll hash out the differences among cannabis players and see high how Roundhill Investment's The Cannabis ETF can go.

Mosaic's Chart Pattern Suggests Its Share Price Could Grow Even Bigger

Pressure on fertilizer supplies due to sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine makes the potash producer a star performer in a down market.

I Wouldn't Go 'All In' on Tilray, But Here's How I'd Trade It

Tilray is okay in my book for speculation.

Watching for an Upside Move in Cannabis Names

There should be some better trading action and setups as things pull back.

If You Don't Want to Be Slaughtered on the Trading Battlefield, Develop a Plan

It isn't brave to trade without a game plan; it's foolhardy and can result in big losses.

These Oil, Cannabis and Bitcoin Stocks Are on My Radar

Small-caps and growth names are relatively weak.

Gauging If We're Seeing a Bear Market Bounce or Start of a V-Shaped Recovery

Let's check out the 21-day exponential moving averages of SPY and QQQ for clues and also look at three stocks for trading ideas.