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Cannabis Investors Facing a Winter of Discontent

Prices are dropping faster than Myles Garrett from fantasy football rosters just as costs are about to rise.

Canopy Growth Is Not Lining Up to Investor Expectations

CGC reported a wider than expected loss that included a slew of write-downs leading some to conclude this a kitchen sink quarter.

Vaping Crisis Takes Toll on September Cannabis Sales

Cannabis consumers have become very cautious as to the products they purchase.

TILT Rolls Up Financing, Vaping Wins, but It Still Faces Burned Investors

Canaccord cuts price target for the firm that's set to release earnings Nov. 20.

Why Village Farms Has Become Cheaper - Despite a Rising Stock Price

Joint venture partner Emerald Health appears to be struggling.

2 Big-Name Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These 'bearish bets' are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Trading In and Out of Cannabis Producer OrganiGram

The point here is an exit doesn't have to be permanent. It is part of a risk management strategy, not an absolute end of a trade.

Cut Your Losses on Cannabis Stocks Like Canopy Growth Here

I thought the sector might have been bottoming out, but it's not.

Jefferies' Cannabis Downgrades Could Provide Bottom Sector Needs

This group appears oversold and downgrades of the big cannabis names may trigger a "buy the bad news" reaction.

Canopy Growth Gets a Quantitative Downgrade to 'Sell'

Let's see what the charts and indicators have in store.

Village Farms Must Do Better Than This

I'm not disappointed that Village Farms is raising money. I'm disappointed in how it transpired.

At What Price Do You Own Canopy Growth?

Why I'm leaning toward a trade in the former cannabis darling.

Constellation Brands Could Retest Late May Nadir as Charts Lack Spirit

The producer of alcoholic beverages offers mixed technical signals, though trading volume in the shares has been diminishing this year.

Want to Support Women in Cannabis Industry? Consider These 4 Stocks

While women have become an increasingly large presence in cannabis companies, they are still lagging in positions of leadership.

The Cannabis Sector and Its Dot-Com Like Meltdown

Black-market vaping has made the entire cannabis group toxic.

Analysts Puffed, Now Passing on Canopy Growth

What is the green swan that will bring buyers back to cannabis companies?

Kass: Time to Buy Cannabis Stocks for a Trade -- And Soon for a LT Investment

I'm considering establishing a long investment stake in a package of cannabis stocks, with emphasis on U.S.-based companies.

Cannabis Players All Remember Tilray but Will They Become Buyers Again?

This looks like a good opportunity to take a fresh look at the charts and indicators of the former 'high flyer'.

Jim Cramer: Let's Wait for Full Story on Promising GW Pharma Drug

After a negative report on GW's epilepsy treatment, the analyst refused to explain the results with me, bringing more questions than answers about its conclusions.

GW Pharmaceuticals Could Fall Another 30% From Here

Shares of the cannabinoid prescription medicine company look to be in a weak state.

The Charts of Canopy Growth Are Missing Signs of Accumulation for Now

Let's go to the charts and indicators.

Cronos Group Is Still Coming Down From Its High

Shares of the cannabis company are likely to drift lower in the weeks ahead.

John Legend Is High on a CBD Startup Called Plus Products

Singer teamed up with company this week, sending its stock on a wild ride.

Massachusetts Slow Roll Causes Cannabis Companies to Adjust Plans

A cautious approach by the state is having a wicked effect on earnings and estimates.

Have Those Once-Smoking Cannabis Stocks Burnt Down to a Bottom?

Several watchers and market players are deep in the weeds, tracking short action and key companies like Canopy Growth, trying to find out whether the industry has turned over a new leaf.

Hexo Has Its Work Cut Out After a Major Correction

Is this cannabis name a long-term winner or a one-hit wonder?

Village Farms Is Looking Attractive on a Shallow Dip but Take it Slow

Let's check out the charts and indicators to see if they are growing fast too.

These Are the 'QuickBooks' of the Cannabis Business

Cannabis companies -- like any other firm -- rely on software to help handle sales and the keep the books in order, and it turns out just five are dominant players in the scene.

Tilray's Not Necessarily the Cream of the Crop

A host of other cannabis-related stocks has sprouted up that appear better for investing.

Earnings to Tell Whether Cannabis' High Growth Story Is Going to Pot

After a 2018 high, marijuana stocks are gaining popularity again, but which ones are producing the most green for investors? Here are the charts.