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Cannabis Sales Fell Short Of 2018 Projections

But a new report estimates that worldwide spending will grow nearly 40% to $17 billion in 2019.

Chart of the Day, Part 2: A Closer Look at Constellation's Big Cannabis Bet

Canopy Growth's smoking engine won't necessarily ensure smooth sailing for Constellation.

Chart of the Day, Part 1: Canopy Growth Could Be Key to Constellation Long Term

Analysts have noted that the weed leader's momentum is set to burn higher moving forward.

How to Trade Constellation Brands Now Using Options

I'm strategizing a risk reversal here using a put sale to fund a long-side play.

Constellation Brands Benefits From Analyst Upgrades After Wednesday's Selloff

Even formerly bearish analysts are changing their tune as the risks appear to be fully baked in at this point.

Buyers Belly Up to Constellation Brands After Wednesday's Big Stumble

A number of analysts maintain the beer and wine giant's valuation is even more attractive for long-term investors thanks to a sharp decline in its shares.

Horizons Adds New Cannabis Stocks to Its ETFs

After a difficult quarter for the marijuana sector, two of the most successful cannabis ETFs have added to their basket of stocks.

Real Money Goes Behind the Scenes of the Budding Cannabis Industry

In the interest of due diligence, we went and took a close look at the ground floor of the newest investment craze.

Constellation Brands Could Satisfy Your Thirst for a Trade From the Long Side

Aggressive traders could probe the long side of STZ at current levels and on a shallow dip.

Why Canada Rules as a Haven for Listing Cannabis Companies

The main reason most cannabis-related concerns head north to list their shares is banking.

How to Trade Cronos, the Cannabis Firm With Ties to Big Tobacco

What matters here is the ability to innovate, market, and sell.

Aphria's Hostile Takeover by Green Growth Doesn't Looks so Hostile

Both Aphria and Green Growth's stock prices have sold off since the announcement.

Farm Bill's Hemp Legalization Is Poised to Boost These 2 Stocks

Despite the current stock market, investors are still looking for ways to play the new legalization of hemp.

Who Hasn't Crashed the Cannabis Party Yet?

Establishing who the stragglers are and what impact they might have in the future is the key at this point.

Tilray Is Now a Top-Tier Cannabis Play

I'd be most interested in buying this name after a cap raise which I expect in the first quarter of 2019.

Chart of the Day, Part 2: Tilray's Deal is Tiny Compared to Canopy's

Perhaps no company has bought into the Canadian cannabis craze more than Constellation Brands.

Chart of the Day, Part 1: Tilray, AB Deal Pales in Comparison to Cronos

The buy-in from other companies into the space has been far larger.

Can Tilray Launch a Rally for Itself and Other Cannabis Stocks? Let's See

Tilray's technical history is limited, but a bullish divergence in a key chart could be foreshadowing a rally ahead.

Tilray Stock Burns Higher With Anheuser-Busch Beverage Deal

Pot stock partnerships are a gateway to gains for cannabis investors.

If New York Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Here's Who Could Cash In

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's push to legalize adult use of marijuana would be welcome by these companies.

Cannabis Stock New Age Beverages Has the Farm Bill and Technicals On Its Side

Wednesday's trading action is what we need to restore some Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Farm Bill Passes, and These Hemp Companies Will Be Big Winners

Here are 5 hemp companies and 5 hemp states that will benefit the most.

Big Tobacco Hasn't Killed Cannabis, This Dance Has Only Just Begun

After Altria's investment in Cronos Group, which cannabis company will be the next target?

Canopy Growth Could Go Higher as Cannabis Bubble Talk Seems Overblown

Commentators who dismiss cannabis stocks as a fad should take a closer look at the charts of Canopy Growth.

Acreage, Curaleaf Will Benefit From New Jersey Market

New Jersey is moving ahead with legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana. These companies are well-positioned to take advantage.

Pot Stock Saturation Is Turning the Cannabis Bull Market Into a Bear

The wave of names going public is leaving investors confused and overwhelmed.

Short-Sellers Stay Strong on Tilray Stock, Await January Judgment

Shorts aren't shying away from the cannabis industry even after a series of squeezes.

Tilray Stock Higher Ahead of First Post-Legalization Earnings Release

Tilray will have a lot to tackle this evening.

Out-of-Stock Levels Are High for Recreational Cannabis in Canada

An early look at the market shows supply is finding it tough to keep up with demand.

Curaleaf Stock Stumbles as Multi-State Landscape Gets Crowded

The stock closed down on its first day of trading on the CSX. Here is a breakdown of the current landscape and some up-and-comers to keep an eye on.