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I'm Interested in Constellation Brands, Just Not in Love

Question: Would you rather buy the beer or the stock?

This New ETF Is Totally a Wild

AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF, which is adding Mindset Pharma and lists Cybin as a top holding, looks like a good trip.

Evergrande Fears Ease as the Market Looks Ahead to the Fed Decision

I'm looking for a continuation of strong pockets of speculative action.

A 'Trip' to the Boardroom: A Look at Psychedelic Med's Top Players

To help readers navigate this mushrooming opportunity, I've put together a list of the top corporate leaders in the field.

Here's Why I'm a Buyer of Grove Inc

GRVI caters to multiple market segments like Beauty, Pet Care, Botanical Health & Wellness, Rare Cannabinoids, and even trade shows.

Cannabis Stocks Are Lighting Up Investors' Portfolios

ETF MSOS is seen as an opportunity to get exposure to stocks that are not yet U.S. listed.

Village Farms Is Still a Very Strong Fundamental Story

That's why I own it and added to it Monday.

The 'Good' Is Being Sold Along With the 'Bad' -- And That's Good

This kind of market action eventually leads to attractive stock-picking opportunities.

Cannabis Legalization Would 'Propel Growth': Zelira CEO

As feds remain a drag on industry, biotech has high hopes for national reform. Here, we talk with Oludare Odumosu about what could be ahead.

Shark Bites: Updating an Ancillary Cannabis Play

Urban-gro is a small company under the radar with substantial growth.

I'm Looking at My Go-To Cannabis Play Village Farms

I'm willing to take a small shot on a September call spread and ride through earnings.

A Mixed Market Is Searching for a Catalyst

Small-cap earnings season begins, but the dog days of summer make for dull trading action.

I've Got My Eye on Cannabis on a Mellow Monday

This is still a tricky trading market with many small-caps languishing due to a lack of interest.

Shark Bites: The Flame Still Burns for Some Secondary Cannabis Names

As legislation that would let pot stocks list on Nasdaq fails to take root, I'm cultivating other opportunities.

3 Buys I Made as the Trading Environment Improves

I'm becoming more confident that small-caps have bottomed heading into earnings.

Good Stocks Are Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd

Several names I like are slow fading due to disinterest in small-caps.

This Market Has 2 Problems Right Now

One group acting better is the MSO (multi-state operator) pot names.

Thinner, Pre-Holiday Trading Still Offers Opportunities

Just because the volume is lighter, it doesn't make the gains any less real.

Analysts Are High on Buying Gage Cannabis

Viridian Capital believes Michigan could be the third biggest state for cannabis sales behind California and Colorado.

Closely Watch Constellation Brands Charts as Overhead Resistance Looms

Traders could maintain longs but raise stop protection.

An Asymmetrical Scenario Is Key to My Billion Dollar Bets

With a portfolio of 10 names that fit this category, I only need to be correct on one to be profitable. If I hit on more than one, I'm crushing it. And if I hit on three...

Pot Is Hot

The cannabis sector is finally turning back up after a sharp correction that started in early February.

Light Up Your Portfolio With These 15 Cannabis Stocks and ETFs

Leading advisors offer their favorite ideas for investors looking for exposure to the growing marijuana market.

I'm Watching the Cannabis Group More Carefully

The main names that I'm focused on are leveraged to growth in the U.S.

Enveric Envisions Using Mushrooms and Cannabis to Help Patients

The cannabis biotech company explains why the acquisition of MagicMed makes sense, additional capital raises and the Psybrary.

Correction in GrowGeneration Appears to Be Over and Calls for New Strategy

The charts of the retailer of hydroponic products have improved over the last few months.

Marijuana Stocks Might Have Some Room to Grow

I see an opportunity in Hydrofarm Holdings.

What I Need to See From Hydrofarm Before Buying

Let's check out the charts of the hydroponics supplier.

With Cannabis, It's Local

It's not the multistate operators, but the single-state ones that are where the cool kids are hanging out.

Constellation Brands Shrugs Off Selling to Resume Its Uptrend

However, a key chart of the producer of beer, wine and spirits indicates the strength of the uptrend could be weakening.