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Short-Sellers Stay Strong on Tilray Stock, Await January Judgment

Shorts aren't shying away from the cannabis industry even after a series of squeezes.

Tilray Stock Higher Ahead of First Post-Legalization Earnings Release

Tilray will have a lot to tackle this evening.

Out-of-Stock Levels Are High for Recreational Cannabis in Canada

An early look at the market shows supply is finding it tough to keep up with demand.

Curaleaf Stock Stumbles as Multi-State Landscape Gets Crowded

The stock closed down on its first day of trading on the CSX. Here is a breakdown of the current landscape and some up-and-comers to keep an eye on.

What Barclays Gets Wrong About Cannabis and Tobacco

Cannabis and tobacco are hard to equate, which Barclays' primer on the Cannabis industry misses.

Why Cannabis Stock Aphria Could Soon Light It Up

The company's intention to list on the NYSE is just one positive it has going for it.

Jim Cramer: Wednesday Is a Watershed Day for Cannabis Stocks

But don't buy into this overheated market right as Canada legalizes, wait until prices come down -- which they will.

Canopy Growth and 4 Other Cannabis Stocks That Look Good Here

These stocks offer some diversification or unique features in the legal-weed space.

7 Smart Ways to Invest in Cannabis Stocks and Not Get Burned

There are several avenues to invest in the potential cannabis boom -- recreational plays; medical plays; and companies that have a lot to gain from the industry but aren't reliant upon it for success.

Cannabis Shorts: Is There Enough Liquidity?

Before you short cannabis names, read this.

Tilt Could Be a Sleeper Hit in Cannabis

While Tilt may be a little harder for some to wrap their heads around, it could pay off for cannabis investors.

Tilray Catches Fire Again, Altria Smolders

Charts for the marijuana stock and the tobacco giant illustrate their different perception among traders.

Legalized Recreational Marijuana Won't Kill Medical Marijuana

Sales trends and the potential for stronger versions of prescription cannabis offer medical marijuana providers hope.

How to Overcome the Fear of Trading Super-Momentum Stocks

The first rule of trading these stocks is to understand and embrace the idea that the shot skyward is just temporary; they WILL crash and burn.

Cannabis Could Disrupt the Lucrative Market for Painkillers

Painkiller manufacturers might see their profits hurt by medical cannabis in the near future.

Cannabis-Related Products Could Be Your Dog's Best Friend (And Your Portfolio's)

Expert says weed-related products for pets could become a $55 billion-a-year business.

Chart of the Day: Tilray Is Worth More Than Goodyear and Xerox Combined

It also beats Nordstrom and Boston Beer Co.

Reefer Madness Is Spreading Even as Tilray Cools Down

Intelgenx Technologies soars 115% on non-binding letter of intent to work with Tilray.

Canopy Growth CEO: Traditional Firms Will See They Must Get Into Legal Cannabis

The only other option is 'to fearfully wait' for the legal-weed industry to expand.

Canopy Growth CEO Sees Dot-Com-Like Bust for Many Weed Stocks

'There's too much hype too soon,' Canopy Growth chief Bruce Linton says.

Tilray Closes up 38% After Wild Trading Day

Shares were up 94% and down 2.3% in the same session.

Jim Cramer: The Tilray Short Squeeze

Cannabis companies should be taking advantage of the mania to raise money.

Banking Options Remain Limited for Cannabis Businesses

A new report indicates only a few dozen institutions have been willing to take the risk of serving marijuana-related businesses in earnest.

Vape Pen Growth Is Going to Explode

Here are 4 stocks to buy to invest in this trend.

Tilray Offers Test of Transitioning to Recreational Cannabis Use in Canada

The Nasdaq-listed provider of medical marijuana will compete with other firms as Canada opens itself to general adult use of marijuana this fall.

Jim Cramer: The Great Ones Disrupt Their Own

Two companies, PepsiCo and Constellation Brands, are disrupting their own businesses and getting no credit whatsoever for doing so.

Family Offices Inject Capital Into Budding Cannabis Industry

Family offices, which manage billions of dollars and have much fewer restrictions on how they deploy capital, have been wading into the cannabis space with increasing frequency.

'Fear of Missing Out': Analysts Question Constellation's Big Canopy Play

Even bullish analysts are cautious on Constellation's big cannabis bet.

Here's How to Play Canopy Growth If You Missed Wednesday's Big Pop-Up

Odds are good that you'll make at least 8% in 37 days using this put play.

Bank of America, Goldman Sachs Get Behind Constellation Brands' Cannabis Play

The big banks lend support to the fast-growing cannabis market.