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Psychedelics May Find Legit Place in Pharma as Pandemic Takes Toll

As crisis turns into one of mental health as well as physical health, some firms are experimenting with use of LSD and 'magic mushroom' compounds.

Canadian Cannabis Firms Addressing Illegal Markets

These companies initially seemed to believe that regulators and law enforcement would drive out the illicit market dealers. That hasn't happened.

Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Strengths and Weaknesses in Cannabis Companies

Those that could quickly pivot may earn a new set of customers.

Cannabis Covid-19 Bump May Not Be Enough for Marijuana Suppliers

Customers rushed to stock up on cannabis as states imposed stay-at-home orders, but a protracted loss of foot traffic in stores would hurt.

'Essential' Designation Could Keep Cannabis Industry Green

Push to make marijuana-related products 'essential items' could save the business amid coronavirus outbreak.

Deep in the Weeds of the Covid-19 Outbreak, Cannabis Cos. Adapt to Survive

Some businesses offer curbside delivery while others boost online sales -- still some can't escape closings and cut forecasts.

Cannabis Takes Hit From Coronavirus

As covid-19 causes a drag on industry -- both in vape cartridge production and canceled conferences -- some areas of business are rolling along.

Which Cannabis Cos. Will Survive? The Ones With a Pot of Cash

Here are three names that should drag on as other financially strapped names risk going up in smoke.

The Ripple Effect of Canopy Growth's Move From Indoor Growing

It's just plain cheaper to grow outside.

Tilray's Not Seeing Much Green, but the Firm's Still Deeply Rooted

Despite Monday's shaky earnings report, TLRY still has a fighting chance in industry.

Tilray Really Stepped in it With Its Q4 Earnings

This quarter will be painful for cannabis. Chasing the losers won't work. Avoid it.

Illicit Cannabis Market Keeps Taking Market Share

Can the industry afford to lose 80% of its market and still make a profit?

Headwinds Threaten Cannabis Industry as Earnings Roll Out

As many in industry struggle, we preview reports to come.

Harvest Solid Dividends as Cannabis Recovery Drags on

These four names provide a way to stay in the game -- from a safe distance -- and grow some green.

Will the Cannabis Business or Canopy Growth Ever Live Up to the Hype?

Cannabis investors have been sorely disappointed in the stock's performance.

Acreage Probe Leads Company to Reform Massachusetts Deals

Cannabis player came under scrutiny for number of store licenses in state.

Despite Canadian Headwinds, U.S. Demand for Cannabis Remains Strong

U.S. cannabis sales jumped 23% in 2019, according to a recent report.

Glut Makes It Hard to Say 'Hemp Hemp Hooray'

Prices continue to fall ahead of National Hemp Day.

Small-Cap Stocks Keep Traders Bullish: 2 Sectors to Watch

There is nothing in small-caps to suggest that they are as frothy as the big-caps.

Aphria's Earnings Misfire Is Your Cannabis Opportunity

Look for Aphria to remain a major player in the industry.

Vape Market Stabilizes as Holiday Sales Look Strong

As vape illnesses have dropped, it seems consumers are drifting back to making vape purchases.

Constellation Brands Should Give Investors Reason to Raise a Glass

Buyers of the beer and wine seller's shares have become more aggressive.

Several Cannabis Companies Get a Head Start in Illinois

While 2019 was a decidedly bad year for cannabis stocks, 2020 could be looking more positive.

Here's Why Cannabis Will Outperform In 2020

The U.S. markets are why cannabis stock valuations will improve.

When the Smoke Clears, Aurora Cannabis Should Survive 2020

But its investors may still feel burnt from the diluted shares; meanwhile, the new year could be when several cannabis stocks go to pot.

Trulieve Fires Back at 'Fraud' Accusations

Firm sees shares dip after accusations by short-seller Grizzly Research surface in business media.

9 Bargains in the Cannabis Sector

If you want to find cheap stocks with great potential to rebound in 2020, the best place to look is marijuana names.

Taking a Hit From Pot Stocks? Harvest Tax Losses Into an ETF

As the year winds down, many frothed up stocks of cannabis companies dipped -- here's a way to roll up your investments going into the new year.

Canopy Might Have Spotted Its Lucky Star in Constellation Brands

The cannabis company just brought on STZ executive as new CEO, and this move is likely lining up bigger things to come as sector shakes out.

Funko's Not Just Child's Play

The 'toy' company is just too cheap and attractive, right now; plus, those pot stocks are looking to be in a funk.