Here's Where Bitcoin and Tesla Are Headed

It should come as no surprise that they broke out in tandem on Tuesday. Here are my price targets.

Jim Cramer: All This 'Speculative Mania' Is Just a Well-Contained Sideshow

Bitcoin, NFTs, ethereum or even the S&P are not what matters right now. They're simply a series of exciting developments that aren't putting people to work.

Bitcoin Is a Bright Spot in a Frustrating Market

I'd rather be late jumping in on a bottom fish than jump in too early.

Indices Fail to Tell the Story of This Market

Stay focused on sectors and rotational action if you want to navigate the action.

Not Another Manic Monday, Bond Bidding, Coinbase Excitement, Semiconductor Wars

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You've Been Looking at NFTs Completely the Wrong Way

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Little Speculative Interest as Worries About Archegos Continue

One group seeing some momentum today is bitcoin.

Here's What's on My Radar Amid Dismal Stock-Picking Action

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Market Moves, Nasdaq, Be Amphibious, FedCoin, Powell & Yellen, Trading Best Buy

Ever think you would see the day when all cash was digital so the federal government could place a negative interest rate (tax) on savings? I can see this coming from a mile away.

The Rotation Is Reversing as COVID Worries Return

The market is dealing with a difficult transition as the economy struggles to return to 'normal.'