It Is Almost Buying Time Again: Here's My Shopping List

I still really like AAA-rated CLO ETFs.

It's Choppy, but Support is Holding, and Stock Picking Is Improving

Momentum is nowhere near where it was a few weeks ago, but there are a couple of dozen stocks up more than 10%.

Is Bitcoin Ready to Take a Tumble? Let's Check the Charts

Based on the technical patterns, the risks of being long bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear high right now.

Indices Are Catching Their Breath But Watch for Strong Support

Action like we had on Monday helps create a large supply of buyers looking for entry points.

Bonds, Bitcoin and 'Bubblish' Stocks: Where I Stand on the 3 'B's

The belief that a lot of companies will adopt bitcoin on their balance sheets is heavily overstated.

Better Bond Action Brings in Buyers, but Will They Stick Around?

Sentiment has improved, but the key to the price action will be whether there are higher highs following early profit-taking.

Corrective Action Continues but Start Preparing for Some Stock Picking

The good news is that this action is what is needed for much better opportunities in the future.

Rotation and Speculative Action Is Creating a Sloppy and Choppy Market

This can be a good environment for aggressive trading, but it's important to stay selective and disciplined.

Stock Picking Loses Some Energy as Interest Rates Surge

The frenzy in certain sectors, such as bitcoin-related names, isn't as hot as last week but there is still a good amount of trading.

Following Some Quick Corrective Action, Stock-Pickers Are Back

After the chaotic action Tuesday, I am looking for a renewed focus on stock-picking.