We Are a Foolish People, Colonial Pipeline, Cryptocurrencies, Job Numbers

Beyond refined fuels, what else is susceptible to sophisticated criminal or terrorist activity? The entire grid? Clean water?

Pockets of Momentum Remain Very Narrow

There continues to be little energy among stock pickers.

Mogo's Chart Is Shaping Up as a Bounce Candidate

Here's where I would put my stop if I were holding shares of this FinTech.

My Beautiful Balloon, Unmasking the Market, Crypto Risk, Preparing for Powell

With the economy apparently growing robustly, the Fed has to watch how the president's plans play out in terms of the size and scope of deficit spending.

Jim Cramer: There Are 3 Market Bubbles Now but 2 Can Be Eliminated

Bubbles are an excuse to stay underinvested or doubtful about all assets, particularly equities.

Taxing Matter, Biden's Unsound Idea, Adapting to Change, Problems and Solutions

The president's plans to raise taxes aren't a surprise, but hiking the capital gains rate significantly isn't such a hot idea.

Now Comes the Hard Job of Building on Wednesday's Bounce

The heavy selling pressure on certain areas of the market lifted, but generating more positive momentum will not be easy.

Bye Bye Bitcoin?

Thursday's actions by the U.S. on Russia highlight how crypto makes it much easier for despots to avoid the impact of sanctions.

Fundamentals and Valuation Don't Matter Right Now

I don't recall a market where sentiment among traders was this negative while the major indices have been so strong.

Bitcoin Stabilizes, COVID Update, Earnings So Far, Apple Event

The marketplace responded well to the first week of earnings season, or should we say what we saw beyond the banks that dominated.