What's Next for Tesla, Shake Shack and Bitcoin?

Has Tesla woken up? Is Shack back? Can Bitcoin shake the blues?

Sluggish Traders Face an Out-of-Breadth Market, but I've Got 3 Ideas

Here are names that I'm slowly accumulating right now.

Bitcoin Is Setting Up as a Buy

The digital currency is trading in an area of support, which makes a trade possible provided a buyer puts in a tight stop to minimize risk.

Not Everything in This Market Is 'FUD'

Fear, uncertainty and doubt often create ideal buying opportunities when the narrative is truly false, but can cost you a lot of money when it is true.

Awaiting Buy Triggers for an Aircraft Maker and a Bitcoin Play

Boeing Co. and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust are the issues in the crosshairs.

Interest Rates and Inflation Issues Will Shift the Trading Environment

Higher interest rates won't kill the market, but they will shift what works best.

Our Technical Strategy on MicroStrategy

MSTR looks ready now for renewed gains.

Bitcoin Stocks Get a Better Bounce in Front of Key CPI Report

I'm looking for entries on pullbacks, but we may need to get past economic news before trading heats up.

Who Knows When Any of This Craziness Is Going to End?

The best thing we can do is manage our risk and keep our portfolio from a position of blowing up when this does end.

Kass: It Now Appears That My Ursine View of Bitcoin Is Being Realized

Most had thought that Bitcoin was impenetrable - that holding crypto in your own wallet was fail safe.