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The Trend Continues to Be Your Friend

Nearly 900 stocks are hitting new 12-month highs.

Room of Nightmares, Political Reality, Bitcoin, Trading Boeing and Microsoft

What you have seen over several weeks is a market reacting to improved prospects for increased fiscal support reliant upon deficit spending.

The Market Takes a Rest

While some will blame the headlines for drop in the major indexes, here's the real cause.

Good Excuses Exist for Corrective Action, but Bears Have Much to Prove

Overbought conditions and the chaos in Washington, D.C., are justifications for some selling, but traders are hesitant to relent.

Unpopular Opinion: The Bitcoin Rally Is on Its Last Leg

The risk of being long and wrong in the cryptocurrency is real.

The Market Is Ignoring Any Negative News You Can Throw at It

Traders are digging deep to find the next big mover.

The Evolution of Bitcoin Is One of My Top Picks for 2021

What needs to be recognized at this point is that there is growing institutional support for bitcoin.

It's All About Sector Rotation

I'm focused on stock picking and continue to hunt for more sector plays.

Why the Current Bitcoin Frenzy Possibly Hasn't Peaked Yet

Google search activity for Bitcoin still hasn't reached late-2017 levels, and retail and institutional support for Bitcoin as a store of value appears to have grown meaningfully since then.

There's Plenty of Choppy Action

I believe that this shakeout may last a couple of days.

A New Year, Bitcoin Surges, Tesla Delivers, Election Ramifications, Dovish FOMC

I see both Tuesday and Wednesday on into the end of the week as potentially very volatile for financial markets.

2021 Off to a Strong Start on a Weak Dollar

So far, there's no major concern about politics, while wild volatility in Bitcoin suggests traders are still seeking speculative opportunities.

Cash Flow Never Lies

The numbers tell the story and not the other way around. Don't forget that.

When Riding a Hot Trend, Beware of Getting Burnt

With cash rushing into groups like electric vehicles, you can get on board at the right time, but must know when to bail.

Thoughts on the Market Heading Into 2021 (Part 2): S&P 500, Bitcoin, Gold, Oil

Let's examine where several key markets may be headed next -- and revisit financial manias throughout history.

With Indices at All-Time Highs, Traders Grow Nervous Over Index Rebalancing

The pending addition of Tesla to the S&P 500 makes the rebalancing act for index funds particularly interesting this time around.

Speculation Makes Mark on Choppy Market Action

Bitcoin shines and cannabis lights up with activity.

Bitcoin Is Leading and I'm Adding a Blockchain Play

I am starting a position in fintech Triterras as blockchain is hot in this frothy market action.

This Remains a Bull Market for Stock-Pickers

There is some rotation in and out of hot sectors but there continues to be plenty of very positive action.

As Bitcoin Runs Up, Dash to Marathon Patent Group

Here's how to play MARA, as the cryptocurrency goes the distance.

Here's Why I'm a Buyer of CleanSpark Shares

This should be considered an aggressive play, but I find CLSK's exposure to Bitcoin plus grid-management appealing.

This Is the Year of the Stock-Picker and It Isn't Over Yet

This year's burgeoning group of small traders tend to be stock-pickers and to focus on smaller, faster-moving stocks.

3 Good Reasons Why This Market Is Heading Higher

Several positives are working together to keep the market running.

I See Something Sparkling at the End of the Stimulus Rainbow

We have a mispriced cross-asset opportunity in gold and silver.

Bitcoin's Chart Suggests Buyers Beware

The bitcoin news flow has moved me to take a stand.

Bitcoin Jumps Back as SPACs Remain Active

There are pockets of strong momentum.

Many Traders Are Locking in Gains as Traditional Holiday Trading Isn't There

The primary problem is that there was just too much wild speculative action on Monday and Tuesday.

Is Gold Leading Bitcoin or Are They Alternative Assets?

Bitcoin is still a market people prefer talking about rather than trading in, but the gains in 2020 are more legitimate than those in 2018.

Industrials Metals vs. Precious Metals Rotation Is Getting to Silly FOMO Levels

Everyone wants to chase everything that has not moved yet, but not knowing why.