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Bonds: We Are in a Brave New World

Given recent actions, the way we view fixed income may be changed forever.

I Think It's Time to Start Considering Dipping Your Toes Long

I'm still not sure a bottom is in play in the market yet, but I do feel like we have the setup for a bounce.

Threats to the Marketplace, Dollar Demand, Upcoming Alibaba Earnings

China-based Alibaba reports quarterly performance Thursday morning. While one might think that an e-commerce type operation could do well in a quarantined environment, it's not quite that easy.

Facebook's Latest Libra Proposal Could Win Over Some Regulators -- At a Cost

The social media giant says it's open to having Libra consist of a series of 'stablecoins' pegged to existing currencies, rather than just one cryptocurrency pegged to a currency basket.

Let's Take a Quick Look Around the Markets

Take the opportunity to step away from the market and recharge your batteries. You may need it.

Novice Trade: Square

There are many reasons to like SQ.

What Trump's Bank Charter Challenge Means for Facebook's Libra

It is unclear how a 'libra' denominated transaction might be governed in the future and it might require the creation of an entirely new oversight entity.

Facebook Falters Amid Political Pressure on Libra Digital Currency

Surprise, surprise: Regulatory opposition toward digital currencies at home and abroad is rising against Facebook.

Week Starts Off With a Whimper

Despite the trade war with China and the upcoming Fed meeting, it was detachment in the end that likely bogged down trading on Monday.

Late Buying Saves Day, But Get Ready for Slow End of Week

Last-hour buying sent the indexes into positive territory, but breadth remained negative, oil-related stocks were brutalized as money flowed into precious metals, bitcoin and bonds.

Gold and Bitcoin Are Bouncing Back: How I'm Playing Them

There has been some correlation lately between gold and bitcoin.

Kass: 7 Surprises From the First Half of 2019, With More Uncertainty to Come

We all would love to have a crystal ball in predicting the course of the last half of this year - but mine, to be honest, is fairly cloudy.

Bitcoin: A Trading Opportunity in an Asset With No Intrinsic Value

Its price is determined by emotion more than anything else.

Trade Uncertainty Keeps the Market Contained While Bitcoin Speculation Cools

It is a tough trading environment right now primarily due to the lack of strong emotions.

Bored Traders Prove Easily Lured by Shiny Coin

With lackluster indexes, traders were drawn to wild action in bitcoin.

AbbVie Fizzles, Gold, Bitcoin and (Some) Biotech Sizzles

AbbVie is dropping on Allergan deal announcement, momentum is weak outside certain pockets.

The Weak Dollar Is the Main Force in the Market Right Now

Gold continues to run higher as the dollar continues to collapse.

Here's How I'm Playing the Bitcoin Rally

Gold continues to ramp higher and bitcoin is starting to act like it did back in December 2017.

Facebook Gains as Market Finds Crypto Opportunity Intriguing

Facebook is fomenting optimism on its blockchain bets, despite traditional cryptocurrency criticism.

How to Play Nvidia With Options After Its Latest Earnings

Implied volatility is near three-month lows too, so there is not much expected of NVDA as far as movement right now.

Netflix Taking a Knife to a Gunfight with Disney, Apple, Plus Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the most famous of all crypto-currencies, has enjoyed something of a rebound of late.

How to Play Overstock.com With Options After Its tZERO Launch

It's time for Overstock to get what it can from the legacy business and embrace what it wants to become.

CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer Wants to Get More Women In Crypto

Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, is working towards institutionalizing crypto-currencies. Plus, Alpha Rising got to talk with her about about the role women are playing in the crypto industry and how their leadership and influence will continue to grow. Watch and listen now!

Why Bitcoin's Price Plunge Doesn't Change the Promise of Blockchain

Bitcoin prices might be down and out, but the outlook for blockchain remains promising.

Video: This Blockchain ETF Has Exposure to China's A-Shares

The Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF focused on China companies that are leveraging blockchain technology.

CoinShares: US Investors Should Think of Bitcoin as Digital Gold

CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer stops by to discuss the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and how institutional investors are getting in on it all. Watch now!

Watch These Two Crypto Experts Fiercely Debate the Future of Regulation

Are cryptocurrencies securities? Investments? Commodities? Does it even matter?

Cryptocurrency Regulation Is a Must for Long-Term Sustainability, Expert Says

'It's early innings ... and it's an evolution,' says cryptocurrency expert Vince Molinari. Here's what you need to know.

I Like Micron, but I LOVE This Smaller Semiconductor Name

If there is a chip stock that can double from here, I'd bet on Ichor before Micron.

These Small Cap Experts Explain Why Crypto Isn't Going Anywhere

'Pandora's Box has been opened,' says one expert.