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Here's Where Bitcoin and Tesla Are Headed

It should come as no surprise that they broke out in tandem on Tuesday. Here are my price targets.

Jim Cramer: All This 'Speculative Mania' Is Just a Well-Contained Sideshow

Bitcoin, NFTs, ethereum or even the S&P are not what matters right now. They're simply a series of exciting developments that aren't putting people to work.

Bitcoin Is a Bright Spot in a Frustrating Market

I'd rather be late jumping in on a bottom fish than jump in too early.

Indices Fail to Tell the Story of This Market

Stay focused on sectors and rotational action if you want to navigate the action.

Not Another Manic Monday, Bond Bidding, Coinbase Excitement, Semiconductor Wars

If you're looking for the meme traders, we found them. They're trading cryptocurrencies ahead of the Coinbase direct listing.

You've Been Looking at NFTs Completely the Wrong Way

How so? First, they are about more than just GIFs and JPEGs.

Little Speculative Interest as Worries About Archegos Continue

One group seeing some momentum today is bitcoin.

Here's What's on My Radar Amid Dismal Stock-Picking Action

Money is rotating back into the FATMAAN names and the hot sectors are struggling.

Market Moves, Nasdaq, Be Amphibious, FedCoin, Powell & Yellen, Trading Best Buy

Ever think you would see the day when all cash was digital so the federal government could place a negative interest rate (tax) on savings? I can see this coming from a mile away.

The Rotation Is Reversing as COVID Worries Return

The market is dealing with a difficult transition as the economy struggles to return to 'normal.'

Reopening Rotation Hits Reverse

The big-cap technology stocks that were seen as safe havens during the COVID crisis bounced back.

Why Support.com's Reverse Merger With Greenidge Generation Matters

Let this play out, and then revisit it if it's a sector that interests you because there could be something there worth considering.

Rotation Reverses as 'Reopen' Plays Are Hit

The big cap technology names are doing much better.

Not to Split Hairs, but I See a Trade in Mohawk Group

As we pluck through the crypto moves, here's a tech name that stands out.

Trading in Non-Fungible Token Tech Is an Art -- and It's Fun(ko)

Let's look at how to play FNKO amid to NFT hype.

I'm Seeing Some Good Signals With SOS

After the attacks on SOS Ltd, it's now trading with the crypto group, which is a positive. Here's how to play it now.

Hot Pockets of Speculative Action Are Shifting Fast

Traders have to move very quickly to stay ahead of the game.

It Would Be a Mistake to Dismiss the NFT Market Because You Don't Understand It

NFT stands for non-fungible token, and it's one of many tokens now associated with the blockchain.

A Giant Wave of Liquidity Continues to Build

Concerns about inflation are starting to cool and small investors are still anxious to put cash to work.

The Week That Was, Upcoming FOMC Meeting, Bitcoin Regulation?, Watching AMD

Where there will be change with the FOMC will be in the economic projections, the first made since December.

How Japanese Traders Might Be Viewing Bitcoin Now

Let's take a look at bitcoin futures and GBTC using Japanese technical analysis techniques.

MicroStrategy Could Suffer the Same Fate as Bitcoin

In the short-term MSTR is going to be tied to the movement of bitcoin.

Massive Liquidity Does Battle With Inflationary Fears

The $1.9 trillion in additional federal stimulus when the economy is already quickly recovering is causing inflationary fears to flare up again.

Bonds Bounce and the Rotational Correction Is Slowing

Technology names and 'stock picking' are bouncing back Tuesday morning as concerns about interest rates start to cool.

It Is Almost Buying Time Again: Here's My Shopping List

I still really like AAA-rated CLO ETFs.

It's Choppy, but Support is Holding, and Stock Picking Is Improving

Momentum is nowhere near where it was a few weeks ago, but there are a couple of dozen stocks up more than 10%.

Is Bitcoin Ready to Take a Tumble? Let's Check the Charts

Based on the technical patterns, the risks of being long bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear high right now.

Indices Are Catching Their Breath But Watch for Strong Support

Action like we had on Monday helps create a large supply of buyers looking for entry points.

Bonds, Bitcoin and 'Bubblish' Stocks: Where I Stand on the 3 'B's

The belief that a lot of companies will adopt bitcoin on their balance sheets is heavily overstated.