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Elite Traders Make Big Profits Using This Trick

A concentrated position in the right stock at the right time is how you make exceptional profit. Here are the steps that pro traders employ to rack up huge gains.

3 Small-Cap Stocks With Big Dividends

These names provide shareholders with potential growth in addition to their dividends.

Here's Why Traders Are Cautious Despite Slowing Inflation

As we say to goodbye to a rough September, let's look what what's weighing on investor sentiment now.

Accenture Is Looking Vulnerable to a Correction: How to Play It Now

Shares of the consulting company have turned lower from early September.

Okta: Does a New Technical Strategy Make Sense?

The identity security management firm gets a quantitative upgrade.

Dip Buyers Should Check Out These 3 Stocks

Let's go to the charts to create game plans for three names that have fallen into oversold territory.

Is Zscaler Giving Off a Buy Signal?

Here's when investors may want to add.

Caterpillar Is in a Battle Between the Trend and the Indicators

The stock is looking constructive for now, but...

3 Small Biotech Stocks That Could Be Stars

Not all the news from the small biotech space is bad. One company in particular already has been gaining the attention of investors.

Can Carnival Sustain a Move to the Upside?

Let's check the charts and indicators.

FedEx Price Momentum Is Fading

The stock is in an uptrend now, but there are a number of bearish divergences.

We're Just Starting to Pay the Price for the End of the Easy Money Period

The effect of higher interest rates on the housing market and the economy in general are only beginning to kick in.

With Chairman Detained, Evergrande Bailout Plans Run Aground

Once China's largest property developer, China Evergrande Group is teetering on the brink of collapse, unable to issue the new debt it needs to renegotiate with creditors.

Potential for a Market Turn Is Rising, But Soft Inflation Data May Not Be Enough

The market finally bounced on Thursday as interest rates dropped, but now the issue is whether the PCE report will bring in more buyers.

The Iceberg Rally: Not Much on Top, but Some Rumbling Underneath

Let's look under the hood after Thursday's action.

Traders Are Suddenly Flocking to These Types of Stocks

The worst-performing names have been hot. Here's what that could tell us about the market right now.

Micron's Earnings Are Clear. Wish I Could Say the Same for the Charts

Micron Technology falls after releasing its quarterly report; let's see if it's a buy.

Eyeing Meta? Take Off Your VR Headset and Look at the Charts

Here's why 'reality' shows a trip downward.

Bonds Have Taken Stocks Hostage

Here are two stocks I'm playing as yield rises appear to be weighing down a rally.

Which Path Is Palantir Pointing To?

With the AI stock on the move, let's check the condition of the charts again.

3 Dividend Kings With Recession-Proof Payouts

These names, which have raised their payouts for over 50 straight years, have dividends that are well-covered even during a recession.

Peloton and Lululemon Join Forces but the Charts Don't Get It

Here's what my analysis suggests is next for PTON stock.

Investors Should Key on These 2 Levels in the S&P 500

And in light of the market's volatility it may not be a bad time to use rallies to trim existing positions, as I recently did with Carvana.

Will Nike Keep Skidding After Earnings or Will It Bounce?

The apparel maker's shares possibly could bounce once it reports its results, but without much basing action any rally likely won't be sustained.

The Bear Market Never Really Ended

Although the charts show a bottom in October 2022, the vast majority of stocks never rallied and speculative strength never took hold.

I Can't Read Fortunes, but I Can Tell You This About the Market

The latest fad indicator? Don't ask me. The top or bottom? Nah. When to expect a potential oversold rally? You got it.

Amid Dreary Trading, a Slim Glimmer of Hope

Meta swings midday and the bulls lose footing, but the small caps were a bright spot.

NextEra Energy Is Suffering Through a Power Outage

What do the charts suggest for price targets?

Here's How to Engineer a Trade in Jacobs

The charts say this price is where to add on J.

Here's Why Buyers May Want to Hold Off for a Bit

The chance of a government shutdown is keeping traders on the sidelines right now.