If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Will Probably Cost You

When the market is down, surreal investment ads can lure in desperate investors, but here's a better option.

Jim Cramer: I Don't See a Way Out of the Spiral Down Until We Have a Vaccine

We are back to square one except for one positive and one negative.

The Indicators Make a Vote for Change

No matter who comes out as winner, this election setup will likely look different than it did in 2016.

Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

This is going to be a tough week to do much, unless you are trading very short term or reacting to some earnings reports.

Jim Cramer: Bank With Advanced Micro's Lisa Su and Go Along for the Ride

If you don't know Lisa Su by now I am tempted to say don't embarrass yourself, she may be the foremost executive of our time.

I See a Green Light on Uber

The October $35 calls for under three bucks looks like a good ride to me.

The Gap Has Made a Big Upside Run So Book Some Profits

We could see a pullback at some point.

Shark Bites: Tattooed Chef Is Shaking Off the SPAC Handicap

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Dow Jones industrial average component American Express is looking lower.

Here's What I'm Nibbling on Today

I'm taking bites of shares in Velodyne, Nio and Yeti, and here's why.