Jim Cramer: For Investors, China Offers the School of Hard Knocks

We really don't know which kinds of companies China is going to target, but I see one pattern, and you should know it before you put down your cash.

Watch for Follow-Through on Stocks

While a follow-through day is not a requirement, it certainly gives us more confidence that buyers are supporting a stock at certain levels.

Tuttle Capital Management's Anti-ARK Fund Is Hardly Impressive

As to performance, I'm guessing Tuttle will be even more volatile than the core ARK Innovation ETF.

Square Is Close to Hitting on All Cylinders: Here's How to Trade It

Yet I'm not all that crazy about such a reliance upon Bitcoin for performance.

Global Payments' Charts Have Yet to Get Their Act Together

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I've Got My Eye on Cannabis on a Mellow Monday

This is still a tricky trading market with many small-caps languishing due to a lack of interest.

3 Recent IPOs With Rough Starts and Differing Levels of Appeal

The debuts of Robinhood, Krispy Kreme and Dole were less than stellar, but one of the trio might be worth a good look right now.

A Few Stocks to Build Around as an Infrastructure Package Progresses

These companies should benefit should Congress finally pass a measure to promote more infrastructure spending.

As August Begins, Here's What the Charts and Data Say About the Markets

Insiders continue their buying activity.

U.S., Chinese Regulators Work on Framework to Protect Investors

Are the stock watchdogs really able to put the necessary disclosures in place, given the anti-business sentiment coming from the very top?