Not Long Bonds Yet? Here's Why There's Still a Good Opportunity

I'm playing for the move down to 1% or 0.50% and earning yield while I wait.

Kick the Habit: Altria Group Likely to See Share Value Further Vape-orized

All kinds of government entities will be lining up against Juul Labs, lawsuits with big awards are coming and who knows what else as MO is in a downtrend with $35 as the next price target.

Planet Fitness Shares May Shed Some Big Weight

In the past three years, PLNT bulked up from $20 to $80 and now a major correction to the $50 area -- a 50% correction -- would not be a surprise.

I Love the Potential of the Subscription Services Apple Is Bringing to Market

Investors need to have patience, but this is a solid strategic move by the company.

Carmaker Stocks to Favor and to Avoid Amid a Slumping Asian Auto Sector

Car sales are sliding in China and plummeting in India, which is putting pressure on automakers that sell in those markets.

Here's How I View the Charts and Indicators of Mastercard

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Cisco Systems Is Finally Showing Signs of Life

I like the risk-reward here for traders.

There's Still an Appetite to Put Cash to Work

I'm been focusing more on stocks coming off their lows rather than breakout plays.

Balancing This Market's Positives and Negatives

All of the index charts remain in short-term uptrends and above their 50 DMAs.

Merck Shares Could Trade Sideways Before Renewed Gains

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