China Trade, Central Banks and Sector Rotation Can't Stop the Bulls

We have good news on China trade, healthy technical patterns in the indices and a positive open.

Jim Cramer: China Needs to Give a Little on This Tariff Extension

But whether the Chinese will make concessions will remains to be seen. So far, they have not given an inch, and they have the most to lose.

Did We Just See 'The Turn'?

The long road that saw most technology and other growth stocks far outperform more mundane issues may have finally come to an end.

Apple's New Pricing Strategy Drives a Breakout in the Stock

By dropping the iPhone price and coming in low on Apple TV+ and Arcade pricing, the firm is aiming to steal market share from competitors.

Bullish and Overbought

The market moves to a short-term overbought condition on Thursday, breadth has been positive, and the intermediate-term indicators are still positive, so I expect a dip or a pullback, and then we rally again.

Apple's Strategy for Profiting from its TV+ and Arcade Services Has Layers to It

Apple appears to be wagering its new services will boost ecosystem stickiness and drive hardware upgrades.

Market Finds the Apple of Investors' Eyes

Momentum stocks stabilized Wednesday, and buyers rushed to put money to work in 'safe' plays like Apple, and some small-cap names.

Jim Cramer: If FAANG and Co. Were Running, They Would Win Big Time

While politicians, media and government agencies take aim at tech giants, understand that these are the ones helping keep our nation strong and innovative -- and have the love of the people.

How to Catch a Bid With PayPal

I like the risk-reward on this options trade.

Cosan Could Rally Further With Strong Charts and a Quant Recommendation

Let's check the latest charts and indicators.