Say That You Remember, the Market Was Dancing in September

During early September, bad news was rushing in, but the small caps were leading, many stocks were ripe for picking, the McClellan Summation Index was turning upward, and more stocks were making new highs.

Computers Keep Control of Quick Trading, Quashing Trade China News

The market brushed off bad headlines, showing how short-term trading is dominated by computer algorithms.

Jim Cramer: It's Not the Technology That Matters, It's Who's Buying It

Just look at the performance of Roku vs. Cisco and the main customers for a host of other tech companies such as Apple, Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Advanced Micro Systems.

No Need to Be on Pins and Needles With Pinterest

Despite some awful quarters, I see hope for the name, so here's how to play it with May 18 puts.

What's Next for Cisco Systems?

Here's what the charts tell us now.

Canopy Growth Is Not Lining Up to Investor Expectations

CGC reported a wider than expected loss that included a slew of write-downs leading some to conclude this a kitchen sink quarter.

7 Top Mining Stocks in Gold, Silver and Copper

The big gains in commodities stocks come to those who jump in when commodity prices are down and forming a bottom, or in the early stages of an uptrend.

Keep Danaher Under Observation for Now

For this science and technology company, it's hard to see a pattern that justifies going long right away.

Walmart's Online Grocery Growth Remains Strong as Amazon Begins a Counterattack

The retail giant reported another quarter of strong e-commerce growth that was driven in large part by its online grocery business. Amazon is responding to this challenge in a couple of different ways.

A Fresh Look at Abbott Labs Still Shows a Long-Term Uptrend in Place

Let's review the charts of ABT.