Hitting a 'Low' Point

Here's how poorly the market is acting right now, and how I'm approaching it.

Can You Find Joy in 'Missing Out'? Your Accounts Hold the Answer

Sometimes, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a better moment can be the best -- and the most satisfying -- strategy.

Better Late Than Early

The best thing this market has going for it right now is that negativity is extreme, and there is liquidation taking place.

Rough Seas as Investor Fear Nears Two-Decade Peak

Despite oversold conditions, here's what is needed for me to be more optimistic.

Let's Pick Through the Carnage in the Biotech Sector for Ways to Play It

An ETF provides one opportunity, as do a few individual stocks.

Screening for Deep-Value Stocks Turns Up a Pair of Possibilities

A producer of small appliances and a maker of fishing, camping and kayaking gear pop up as possible value plays.

New Leader Puzzles Hong Kong With Promise to Work for 'We and Us'

Beijing's hand-picked candidate, John Lee, takes over as head of Hong Kong, which continues to bleed emigrants and stock market red ink.

3 Name-Brand Stocks That Traders Might Take a Stab at in This Rotten Market

Rather than try to catch falling knives, traders should give a look at Merck, IBM and Procter & Gamble.

Downside Momentum Continues to Build as Investors Capitulate

The big difference is that the Fed is not in a position to bail out the market this time.

Wild Week, Markets, Earnings, US Economy, Rivian Stock, Kohl's

The US may very well escape recession this year, putting it off until early next year. Other global economies may not be so lucky.