Monday Reversal, Powell on the Hill, Macro Watch, Trading Lockheed and Northrop

The outright removal of potential liquidity from the economy earlier than expected scares the living heck out of everyone who understands.

Not Everyone Is United on Their View of UNFI

Let's look at my take on United Natural Foods vs. Value Line's take.

Monday's Big QQQ-uestion

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New Year, Same Old Market

We haven't moved past the either/or market -- and here's what that means for big-cap tech and growth stocks and breadth. Also, let's look at something shiny and precious.

Disgust, Despair, a Dash Upward and More Disappointment

Despite the intraday recovery, we had more poor action, and now it's all eyes on the Fed's chat with Congress.

Tilray Isn't Going to Get That High

TLRY posted promising earnings, but don't expect it smoke past its current levels for long.

Fastly Is Still Searching for a Bottom on the Charts

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One Simple Piece of Advice for Dealing With a Very Ugly Market

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Give Your Portfolio a 'BOOSTER' for This High Inflation Environment

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I'm Not Sold on Stock

CRM continues to sink lower, according to the charts.