Just a Pause Within a Positive Trend

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Qorvo Is Poised to Stage a Modest Recovery Rally

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Mixed Earnings Bag Requires Diligence Among Momentum Traders

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Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Could Aid Rather Than Hinder Asian Stability

Asian markets haven't taken Beijing's bait that the House Speaker's visit to Taiwan is somehow destabilizing the region.

APA Charts Don't Show Much Energy Ahead of Earnings

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There Is Strong Action Under the Surface, but Big Macro Problems Are Looming

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Resilient Equities, Fed, Treasury Markets, Jobs, Credit Card Debt, Trading AMD

Several Fed officials were out and about on Tuesday, and what they did was cause a selloff across Treasury markets.

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Divers Don't Guess Where the Bottom Is, Why Do Investors?

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Indexes Obscure Strong Surges in Some Stocks

Names like ZoomInfo, Repligen and Uber bounce higher, despite down Dow and drama over Taiwan.