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Chris Nolter is a senior writer focusing on telecom, media and technology. Nolter's coverage ranges from profiles of key bankers and dealmakers to the inner workings of complex deals, and he is often the first in the industry to report on M&A activity and private equity. Prior to joining The Deal, Nolter published stories with,, the New York Times Magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review. He also worked at the Museum of the Moving Image, where he edited the Moving Image Quarterly, the museum website and other publications, and he has produced live news broadcasts for CNN Financial Network.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Fighting Justice Dept. Could Cost AT&T More Than Legal Fees

$500 million termination fee would be only part of the cost if AT&T backed out of its deal to buy Time Warner.

After Netflix, Which FANG Stock Is Best Poised to Beat Earnings?

With Netflix's Q3 report in the books, Facebook has the highest positive investor sentiment among the FANG stocks still to report, Jefferies analyst Brent Thill suggests. Find out how Alphabet and Amazon stack up.

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