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Brad Ginesin manages Polar Capital LP, a long/short hedge fund he founded in 2000. He’s worked on and managed several equity trading desks including Monarch Financial and WFP Management. He graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a degree in Applied Econ & Business Mgmt. Brad is the author of The Trading Desk, a Wall Street inspired novel published in 2021.
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This Market Has a Lot to Digest

A post-pandemic bubble in certain assets is only one thing the market and investors must work through right now.

Palantir Simply Isn't a Palatable Stock Even After Its Big Decline

A closer look at how the provider of data analytics software is growing its revenue gives reason for concern..

With UPS, It's a Bet on the CEO, Not the Company

Since taking over, Carole Tomé has put this delivery service on the route to success.

Keep Your Eyes on This Stock as Electric Vehicles Get a $ Power Up

As EVs in the U.S. begin their 'Field of Dreams' moment, I'm watching EVgo -- and a few other names -- to see how the risk vs. reward plays out.

Dutch Bros Will Give Investors a Jolt When the IPO Buzz Wears Off

The history of Shake Shack seems relevant to the future of the latest hot newcomer to Wall Street.

Knightscope's Investment Armor Looks Tarnished

Despite a noble cause of crime-fighting and security, successful public companies require viable business models.

With Under Armour, Don't Sweat It, Buy It

Let me explain why UAA offers a good risk/reward, especially given the steep pullback and earnings expected Feb. 11.

Lessons From 2000: Amid Tech Wreckage Look to These Proven and Durable Winners

The easiest decision for institutions is to buy Microsoft and Apple for tech and growth exposure.

In a Difficult Investing Year, Bank of America Has the Wind at Its Back

It's probably no coincidence that BAC is Berkshire Hathaway's second-largest position behind Apple.

Disney Should See Revenue Stream in, After Covid Leaves Town

The entertainment giant got rained on after Netflix's sour outlook, but parks and more should bring back the smiles for investors.

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