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Brad Ginesin manages Polar Capital LP, a long/short hedge fund he founded in 2000. He’s worked on and managed several equity trading desks including Monarch Financial and WFP Management. He graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a degree in Applied Econ & Business Mgmt. Brad is the author of The Trading Desk, a Wall Street inspired novel published in 2021.
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Cisco, Long a Steady Tech Stock, Is Under the Microscope Ahead of Earnings

Some top analysts are flashing a yellow light on the network equipment maker ahead of its quarterly report and amid tightening competition. But is caution really warranted for long-term investors?

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Let's see how this story could unfold for investors -- and what strategy might win the happiest ending possible.

Is Beyond Meat Now an 'Impossible' Investment?

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Meta Has Morphed Into a Value Stock, but It Isn't a Value

The shares of Facebook's parent could slide even more than they already have because of increased competition for eyeballs.

Activision's Microsoft Deal Discount Offers a 'Call of Duty' to Investors

Berkshire Hathaway's involvement and MoffettNathan's case are enough to consider buying in.

Investors, Locked in on Lockheed's Guidance, May Miss Their Shot

Lockheed Martin soared earlier this year and then came spinning downward following earnings, but let's see how this name could fight its way back up.

By George, Here's How Equity Investors Should Play the Almighty Dollar

For the stock market, dollar strength and Fed tightening are the same trade.

Carnival Vs. Delta: Which Is Safer Way for Investors to Travel?

Cruise companies and airlines are trading well below their pre-pandemic prices, with Delta and Carnival showing potential promise as travel returns.

Upstart Looks Like a Downer, but Should We Give It a Second Chance?

A weakened economy and bear market have exposed trouble at this artificial intelligence-driven consumer lending company.

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