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Brad Ginesin manages Polar Capital LP, a long/short hedge fund he founded in 2000. He’s worked on and managed several equity trading desks including Monarch Financial and WFP Management. He has been a regular contributor to Real Money since 2021, specializing in market sector coverage.

Ginesin graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a degree in Applied Econ & Business Mgmt. He is a value investor who follows fundamental analysis. He avoids momentum stocks and hype favoring a long-term investing strategy. 

Ginesin is the author of The Trading Desk, a Wall Street inspired novel published in 2021. In addition to being a long-term investor, he is also a long distance runner who is currently training for his fifth marathon. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

My Pick for the Rest of 2023: GM, as It Readies to 'Cruise' Ahead

GM shares are languishing amid UAW strike fears, but in the background, Cruise is rolling out its robotaxi ride-hail service in city after city, and shows great promise ahead.

Itching for a Good Trade? Johnson & Johnson Spinoff Kenvue Should Offer Relief

Boasting brands like Band-Aid and Benadryl, Kenvue has now become the largest pure-play consumer health company, and it will soon offer two distinct -- and excellent -- opportunities.

Verizon Is Shaping Up as an Attractive Contrarian Buy

As VZ gets set to report earnings, recent concerns over lead-sheathing are likely overblown. And have you seen the yield?

Let Me Share My Netflix Password for Trading Earnings

Every data point this quarter on subscriber growth has exceeded expectations, portending a large beat.

Wake Up AMC Investors: The Action in the APE Ruling Is About to Hit

As the plot in AMC shares arrives at a critical scene playing out in a Delaware court, traders should get into position.

Tesla's Likely Running Hot on Low Batteries

After racing ahead this summer, Tesla is now at risk of hitting a speed bump.

In the Battle for AI Supremacy, One 'Undiscovered' Group Stands to Win

These 'arms dealers' of the semiconductor sector have multiple tailwinds at their back.

A Hotter World Should Light a Fire Under These Stocks

As climate change creates a more volatile world with extreme storms and shifts in temperatures, these companies could benefit.

After Missing Some Beats, Medtronic Is a Ticker to Watch

Here's why this currently under-the-radar med-tech stock could pump higher soon.

Beyond Meat and Peloton: Zombie Stocks Can Turn Portfolios Into the Walking Dead

Don't confuse a stock revival masquerading as a living, breathing business revival.

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