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Brad Ginesin manages Polar Capital LP, a long/short hedge fund he founded in 2000. He’s worked on and managed several equity trading desks including Monarch Financial and WFP Management. He graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a degree in Applied Econ & Business Mgmt. Brad is the author of The Trading Desk, a Wall Street inspired novel published in 2021.
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Market's Giving Us a Gut-Check, but Not Necessarily a 2000, 2008 Replay

Here's why, despite the unravelling of several major banks, Apple can still be owned and AI is still worth investing in.

Charles Schwab, Snagged Into Banking Mess, Could Be a Bargain

SCHW sinks nearly 11% on Monday alone, but several experts agree: It's no Silicon Valley Bank.

Catching the Artificial Intelligence Boom Requires Smart Stock Picking

Applied Materials is a technology play that offers both the right price and the right equipment for investors looking for an AI edge.

This Rail Company Is Ahead of the Curve

Greenbrier Companies could come out ahead after recent rail accidents hit industry, spread fear in North American communities.

With Rivian's Wall St. Wreck in Rear View, I'd Take a Test Drive

RIVN has fallen by more than 80% since it went public in 2021, but now the risk might just be in investors' favor.

Play DraftKings Like You Would the Slots: Take Your Money and Run

Let's look at why holding this kind of stock could mean losses for greedy investors.

GM Could Prove to Be the Tortoise That Outpaced the Hare

Here's why a myopic view from Wall Street could fail to see this American automaker's steady progress as it carries investors to a brighter 2023.

With Pfizer Firmly in Value Territory, Here's What Investors Are Missing

The stock is already down about 15% in 2023 as the pharmaceutical giant gets set to report earnings.

When It Comes to AMC, Bed Bath & Beyond, What Would Alan Abelson Say?

Here I'll tackle these cultish stocks in the voice of my favorite columnist -- and let you know how I think they should be handled.

Qualcomm: A Rare Technology Value Play

With the stock and the semiconductor sector out of favor, here's why these shares are a compelling buy.

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