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Mark Abssy

Mark Abssy has spent the last 15 years developing indexes and helping new issuers bring thematic ETFs to market including FAN, HACK, SKYY, YYY, IPAY, ISRA, GAMR, CNCR, JGLD, DTOX in the US and ISPY, FOOD, CYBR, DIGI and DTOX in Europe. Over his 30-year career in financial services, he’s held many roles in short-term investments, mutual funds, and CEFs and ETFs at large investment firms like Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, and Loomis Sayles. Abyss is also the founder of All You Can ETF, LLC. 

Abssy has been contributing to TheStreet Real Money since 2021. His coverage focuses on thematic investing and ETFs. His experience developing indexes and helping new issuers bring ETFs to market helps him uncover the best ETFs available for his followers. 

He received a BSBA from Northeastern University with a focus in Finance and International Business. Outside of work, Abssy can be found coaching rugby or working on his photography skills. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

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With likely passage of new legislation, the pot industry might have a remedy for the nausea it gave investors.

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Innovator is partnering with Parametric Portfolio Associates to create a portfolio layering equity positions with options to minimize downside risk.

An ETF 'Angel' Has Descended Up Us, but Watch Out for a Hard Landing

Let's look at the newest fund from Angel Oak with a 'strong bias toward residential mortgage credit' -- and see how the economy could weigh on its performance.

This Exchange-Traded Fund Is 'Adaptiv' to Risk

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Too Big to Disappoint? Let's Check 3 New ETFs From Capital Group

Capital Group has taken aim at building out the fixed-income side of its product suite with the launch last week of three new bond exchange-traded funds.

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