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Bob Ciura is Senior Vice President at Sure Dividend LLC.
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These 3 Dividend Stocks Offer Shelter Amid Global Unrest

Here we'll review three safe dividend stocks that promise good yields in uncertain times.

As Oil Spikes Amid Russia's War, Here Are 3 Dividend Stocks to Watch

Let's look at the top oil stocks with high dividends and with exposure to high oil prices.

Unlock More Income Now With These Three High-Yield MLPs

While not all MLPs are created equal, some are worthy income stocks, such as Sunoco, Holly Energy, and Energy Transfer.

3 Defense Stocks When Geopolitical Risk Rises

We think these names will do very well during the current crisis in Ukraine, and have market-beating dividend yields to boot.

3 High-Yield Dividend Aristocrats to Consider

These names offer not only exceptional dividend longevity, but 3% or better current dividend yields.

3 Semiconductor Stocks for Growth and Dividends

These chipmakers offer long-term growth potential and market-beating yields.

On Sale Now: These 3 Dividend Aristocrats

These three companies -- now bargains amid stock market selling -- offer stability and solid dividends.

Three Oil Dividend Stocks to Buy With Crude at $90

Here let's look at EOG Resources, Suncor Energy, and TotalEnergies.

3 Growth REITs With Market-Beating Yields

Not all REITs are created equal. These three stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Why AT&T Is Still a Buy After the Dividend Cut

While the market has clearly soured on AT&T for the moment, there are several factors working in its favor.

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