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Bob Ciura is Senior Vice President at Sure Dividend LLC.
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These 'Achievers' Offer 5%+ Yields and Attractive Dividend Growth

Dividend Achievers are a group of stocks with at least a decade of consecutive dividend increases.

3 Dividend-Paying Tech Stocks With Yields Over 5%

In a sector not known for dividends, you can find reliable, high-yield stocks.

3 Dividend Champions With Yields Well Above 3%

The ability to grow dividends through multiple recessions speaks to the strength of each company

3 Top Silver Stocks for Rising Inflation

These dividend-paying names are setting up for strong returns in the current inflationary environment.

3 High Dividend Stocks From the Basic Materials Sector

These names, which have outperformed the S&P 500 this year, offer above-average dividends with a wide margin of safety.

3 High-Yielding Dividend Stocks From the Utility Sector

These names offer attractive dividend yields of greater than 4% and are likely to outperform in an ongoing bear market.

Aim for High Dividends: 3 Defense Stocks for Tough Times

Military contractors tend to have strong performance, even amid recessions. Here are three names that could provide steady income now.

3 Dividend Stocks That Deliver High-Quality 'Returns'

ROIC is a valuable financial metric that can help identify the highest-quality stocks in the investing universe.

Like Venture Capital Firms but Better: 3 BDCs for Dividend Investors

Let's review three high-yield business development companies.

Plant the Seeds of Dividend Income With These 3 Agriculture Stocks

Here we'll review three farming-related companies that should provide solid returns to investors.

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