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Bob Ciura

Bob Ciura is Senior Vice President at Sure Dividend LLC.
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This Real Estate Investment Trust Offers High Yield -- and a Solid Foundation

EPR Properties has a long, safe track record of robust growth, and a strong total return outlook.

Royal Caribbean Offers Good Ride for Investors

Despite only paying a dividend since 2011, Royal Caribbean offers value, growth, and a nice yield to boot.

Halliburton: The Best House in a Bad Neighborhood

The oilfield services company is effectively navigating Halliburton a difficult environment and has an attractive dividend yield.

AbbVie: The Right Mixture for the Perfect Stock

ABBV has a positive earnings-per-share growth, an expanding price-to-earnings multiple and dividends that could result in annual shareholder returns well above 20%.

This Dividend Aristocrat Is a Good Call

AT&T remains a strong buy after earnings, as its entertainment and news offerings from Time Warner lift it from the stodgy telecom-only competition.

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