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Bob Ciura is Senior Vice President at Sure Dividend LLC.
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Ring the Register on This Dividend Aristocrat

With 47 years of dividend performance under its belt, Walmart is the best stock right now as consumers tighten their belts -- here's why.

When It Comes to This Dividend Aristocrat, Don't Kick the Can

PepsiCo has fallen flat, but it will bubble up again.

Stock Up: This Dividend Aristocrat Is Immune From Coronavirus

Consumer staples' recession-resistant qualities are highly appealing to income and dividend growth investors.

This Health Care Dividend King Offers a Remedy for Hopeless Investors

JNJ should survive a recession and prove in demand in a health crisis.

This Dividend Aristocrat Will Outlast a Coronavirus Recession

In times like these, virtually all stocks are being sold indiscriminately. However, certain corners of the market are likely to fare much better.

This Dividend Aristocrat Hits the Mark -- Even in Recessions

Target has no international sales exposure and a solid history of performance -- and dividend hikes.

This Dividend Stock's Strong Foundation Will Help It Weather the Market Storm

Even high-quality blue chip stock Home Depot is not immune to the recent sell-off, but its fundamentals are solid and dividend growing.

This Dividend King Presents a Genuine Opportunity as It Trades at a Discount

Genuine Parts, parent of the NAPA auto parts chain, is down amid the market selloff, which makes it a bargain for dividend growth investors.

Buy a Dividend Aristocrat at a 10-Year Low

For value and income investors, these shares have more than twice the average dividend yield of the S&P 500 Index.

This Dividend Stock Looks Ready to Deliver

UPS offers a high-yield dividend with a solid history.

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