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Helene Meisler writes a daily technical analysis column and TheStreet Top Stocks. For more information, click here. Meisler spent more than a decade on the sell side as a market technician covering institutional accounts at various investment banks in New York City, including Cowen & Co. and Goldman Sachs. In addition she worked at Cargill in Minneapolis where she managed equity money for three years. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Pace University.

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Recent Articles By The Author

OK Folks, This Is Where I Draw the Line

Here's how I approached the chart of the Invesco QQQ, and why I started with April and not March low.

Here's Why We Could Bounce Early This Week

But there is also some caution that will be warranted over the course of the next month or so, too.

The Mystery of the Market's Ups and Downs

Perhaps you're wondering: Why can't the mega caps and the small caps go up together?

Is There a Changing of the Guard?

Are we seeing a change in leadership -- or just a pause in the leadership of the last few months?

Beauty Is in the Eye of the (Chart) Beholder

Ever hear the experts tell you how they think a chart is pretty when the stock has tripled? Here's when I think a chart is attractive.

Monday, the Market Got the Goat

Monday's market, statistically speaking, was one of the worst we've seen divergence-wise, when it comes to value vs. growth.

Is the Market Spinning Its Wheels?

Despite the down-and-out stocks playing catch up, we have seen little change in the indicators.

Scratching Your Head at Thursday's Action? So Am I

The day was marked by several oddities, so let's unpack them here.

Breadth Shines, but Sentiment's Another Story

As the down-and-outers led, breadth was the best we've seen in over a month, but here's why we should keep an eye on sentiment.

Fine on Friday, Tense on Tuesday

Here's what went through my mind when two trusted analysts suddenly changed their views on the market this week.

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