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Helene Meisler writes a daily technical analysis column and TheStreet Top Stocks. For more information, click here. Meisler spent more than a decade on the sell side as a market technician covering institutional accounts at various investment banks in New York City, including Cowen & Co. and Goldman Sachs. In addition she worked at Cargill in Minneapolis where she managed equity money for three years. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Pace University.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Choppy Waters Now, Rocky Waters Might Follow

Little changed on Wednesday as the chop-fest continued, but here's what I see happening with volatility.

I'm Watching This Indicator Very Closely

Sentiment has gotten the spotlight lately, but breadth is getting into tricky territory.

You Can't Have It All: It's an Either/Or Market

Big-cap stocks have been creeping back up, and the small caps have been stagnant. Here's why that matters.

It's More Than a Feeling; It's Sentiment

I am now hard-pressed to find a sentiment indicator that's not extreme.

Move Over Dow 30,000

We've got other business to take stock of: Breadth, sentiment, new highs, and, don't tell the talking heads on TV, gold.

CNBC Misses 'Golden' Moment

Two big shockers on Monday: We saw little fuss over GLD's decline and the vexing VIX move.

Since Getting a 'Shot' of News, the Indexes Have Been Looking Pale

The stock market has gone essentially nowhere since the news from Pfizer about a vaccine; expect more overbought and high complacency.

Get on Your Dancing Shoes: The Market's Doing the Two-Step

The S&P 500 has gone nowhere since that big gap up nearly two weeks ago, and now here's where it stands, er, chops.

Numbers Game: 200 Days on the S&P 500

Let's look at an indicator I rarely discuss: The percentage of S&P 500 stocks that are trading over their 200-day moving average.

This Is How the Market Works Out

Yes, this exercise in pulling back is boring, but it's how we work off the overbought reading and complacency.

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