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Helene Meisler is a world-renowned market technician and equity trader. As a self-identified swing trader, she specializes in utilizing technical analysis to capture short-to-medium term stock gains over a period of several days to several weeks. 

As the first-ever technical analyst for Goldman Sachs in 1989, Meisler has been one of the pioneers in the financial industry for over 40 years. She has gained notoriety for her use of hand-drawn charts and ability to find profitable opportunities other financial experts miss. 

In addition to her work at TheStreet where she contributes daily to Real Money and Top Stocks, and is an Action Alerts PLUS team member, Meisler frequently appears as a commentator on various financial news networks, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences and events.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Calm, Collected Change in Sentiment

We're not yet seeing much panic or selling, but did you see that rally in the buck? Let's break it down.

Overbought Is the Reason for This Pullback

The overbought pullback seemed to have started Feb. 3, and for the most part it looks pretty standard. We ought to see the market retreat due to this condition.

Feeling Bubbly? Let's See What the Statistics Say

Are we really as frothy as everyone thinks we are? Let's check the charts.

Is the Market Getting Too Technical?

We're not yet at an either/or market yet, and maybe we won't get there, but the action is starting to look a little be familiar. Let's check the indicators.

Sentiment: Steady as She Goes

Unless the Fed says something shocking, I don't think we are going to get a huge shift in mood in the next week or so.

Sorry, but Tech Isn't Everything

Let's look at the transports, the Dow, bonds and what the indicators say about our pullback on Monday.

Expect a Rise in Volatility This Week

With the Federal Open Market Committee meeting this week and the big cap tech earnings on the docket, it is no leap to say we should expect a rise in volatility.

More Overbought Than We Bargained For?

Let's check the indicators to see whether we could get more than an overbought correction.

Feeling Good on Wall Street

I can sense that sentiment is turning -- let's see why and what it means -- and what would bring us a pullback next week.

Someone's Running a Defroster on Wall Street

Investors are slowly warming up to the market, as breadth is shining and Nasdaq has been green for ... days.

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