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Helene Meisler is a world-renowned market technician and equity trader. As a self-identified swing trader, she specializes in utilizing technical analysis to capture short-to-medium term stock gains over a period of several days to several weeks. 

As the first-ever technical analyst for Goldman Sachs in 1989, Meisler has been one of the pioneers in the financial industry for over 40 years. She has gained notoriety for her use of hand-drawn charts and ability to find profitable opportunities other financial experts miss. 

In addition to her work at TheStreet where she contributes daily to Real Money and Top Stocks, and is an Action Alerts PLUS team member, Meisler frequently appears as a commentator on various financial news networks, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences and events.

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Recent Articles By The Author

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A Long Day in the Market

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Row, Row, the Dow, Gently Down the Channel ...

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Window Is Open for More Rallying

We will see some buying on dips and sentiment will continue to turn over the next week or so as folks continue to gravitate back into tech.

We Got the Mega Rally

Check out that move in the tech stocks -- also bonds up, buck down and how fast could sentiment shift.

We Sold Off, but It Wasn't a 'Mega' Selloff

Let's look at the Wednesday decline, the statistics, and what was intriguing about the market action.

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