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Helene Meisler writes a daily technical analysis column and TheStreet Top Stocks. For more information, click here. Meisler spent more than a decade on the sell side as a market technician covering institutional accounts at various investment banks in New York City, including Cowen & Co. and Goldman Sachs. In addition she worked at Cargill in Minneapolis where she managed equity money for three years. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Pace University.

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Was That the Best the Market Could Do?

Sure breadth was green, but Thursday's rally was still pathetic, especially as net volume was negative by almost a billion shares.

We'll Rise (and Fall) Again

Despite the inverted-yield curve hysteria, the indicators show we should rally and come down again.

Tuesday's Rally Was Not 'It' (In Case Anyone Wanted to Know)

Tuesday's rally was different than last Thursday's in terms of participation and many other indicators -- and no one popped the big question.

No Panic Here

Following 'Enthusiasm' in July, concern is now growing.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

If we go look at the market over the last 18 months, we can see despite the indexes going nowhere, there has been a lot of up and down -- that's been the trend in the market, so it's best to be flexible.

When Will We Make a Splash?

As in, when will enough people get back in the pool that we come back down again -- that's a tough question and what I'm trying to figure out.

Is This the Big One? You Won't Know Until After It's Happened

Charts and indicators are no crystal balls, but they can help identify when the ingredients are here for a rally or a decline, and Wednesday looked a lot like it's part of a possible oversold bounce.

What Will Go Up, Will Go Down

Since we are just off the highs -- instead of being down for weeks -- my view is that the pattern should be up then back down.

Going to Extremes

Monday saw some short-term extremes, as breadth was bad, more fear crept into the market, and 91% of the volume was on the downside on the New York Stock Exchange.

Growing Concern Creeps Into Market

The total put/call ratio zipped up to 113%, a reading not seen since early June, just as stocks were making a low, and the equity put/call ratio flew up to 87%, a reading we didn't even get to in May.

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