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Helene Meisler writes a daily technical analysis column and TheStreet Top Stocks. For more information, click here. Meisler spent more than a decade on the sell side as a market technician covering institutional accounts at various investment banks in New York City, including Cowen & Co. and Goldman Sachs. In addition she worked at Cargill in Minneapolis where she managed equity money for three years. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Pace University.

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Shorting the Dow at 27,000 May Not Be So Crazy

After seeing the idea raised -- and derided -- I found that the Dow has been over 27,000 twice this year and each time it did this....

Here's How the Bulls Could Pull Over the Bears

The bulls worry the market will rally without them, while the bears fret about last year's fourth quarter and the S&P 500 tagging 3000 -- but what if we have some up days?

Keeping the Banks in Line

The banks may tease, but they just keep tagging the downtrend line and heading back down; also, Tuesday's rally keeps the indicators mixed.

There's Only One Way to Spin Monday

Some will call the action bullish and others will call it bearish, but it was really just mixed.

Bulls Come Out of the Woodwork

The readings from Friday show us the willingness of folks to jump back on the bull train quickly, which has meant a few days of pullback and going sideways.

Which Way Will We Break Out? You Tell Me

So far, according to my Twitter poll on which way we break out of the S&P 500's trading range, it's nearly half and half; plus, here are some of the indicator changes I've spotted.

Indicator Update

Mixed Signals

Some indicators show no sign of getting oversold in the intermediate-term, while others are close.

Stuck in the Mud

We haven't gotten folks bearish enough and we haven't gotten oversold enough to have any sort of a durable low last week, so we're now stuck in some choppy action.

Let's Look at the Russell's Rut

The longer-term chart of the Russell 2000 shows it peaked in the fall of 2018 and has never come close to regaining that level -- but why?

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