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Helene Meisler writes a daily technical analysis column and TheStreet Top Stocks. For more information, click here. Meisler spent more than a decade on the sell side as a market technician covering institutional accounts at various investment banks in New York City, including Cowen & Co. and Goldman Sachs. In addition she worked at Cargill in Minneapolis where she managed equity money for three years. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Pace University.

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Recent Articles By The Author

It's Realization Day in the Market

All of a sudden on Thursday, it was like folks suddenly noticed the either/or market.

The Either/Or Market Strikes Again

Here we go again as big-cap tech rallied and much of the rest sat it out.

Politics Don't Move Markets, Taxes and the Fed Do

Here's a lesson about how little the market will care about the inauguration -- and a look under the hood at bonds, Nasdaq, transports and more.

Putting the Market to the Test

We have a big test this week: Does Nasdaq hold the line or does it break it? Here's what the result could mean.

Why All Those New Highs Aren't What They Appear

Have you noticed an inordinate number of new highs lately? Here I'll explain what's going on, as well as the big about-face on the market, and the VIX.

This Indicator Is Giving Out a Curious Reading

The McClellan Summation Index remains as flat as a pancake -- and it has not budged in weeks.

The S&P Is 'This Close'

The S&P 500 sees a narrow close as it's stuck in its channel -- and the Russell sees a strange move against the Summation Index. Let's break down the action.

A Case of the Mondays on the Market

Let's compare last Monday with this one, and spot a difference -- a difference that could speak to a correction to come.

Calling a Correction

Let's take a long look at breadth, the overbought reading, and see why a corrective move is likely soon.

I Don't Want to Burst Your Bubble, but I See No Sign of 1999

I do, however, see a correction coming, aand it could be soon.

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