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Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran is a reporter for RealMoney.

Prior to joining RealMoney he was a Senior Reporter in the FT Specialist division of The Financial Times where he specialized in covering institutional investors.

Kevin is a graduate of Fordham University where he studied International Political Economy and English.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Deutsche Bank's Serial Offender Status Draws Criticism of Executives, Regulators

The hot seat atop Deutsche Bank got a bit hotter after Thursday morning's raid on the company's Frankfurt headquarters.

Too Big to Fail: Deutsche Bank's Deepening Dip Sparks Bailout Chatter

A bailout would result in shareholders and AT1 holders being wiped out.

Deutsche Bank Slides as Another Scandal Strikes

While analysts in Europe declined to be quoted, more than one lamented the frequency with which Deutsche Bank is embroiled in controversy.

Salesforce Stock Soars Cloud-Bound After Strong Quarter

Salesforce could become the fastest enterprise software company in history to cross the $16 billion threshold.

Chart of the Day: Salesforce Expects to Ride MuleSoft to Further Growth

One analyst said he forecasts MuleSoft's business to double as a percent of Salesforce's revenue in five years.

Surging Salesforce Sends Software Stocks Higher

Secular demand is sending software stocks like Salesforce cloud-bound.

Salesforce Surges as Raised Guidance Breaks Through Slowdown Fears

Co-CEO Keith Block says the cloud computing giant is seeing "incredible customer demand" for its products and services.

Apple Slips Slightly on Tuesday After Trump Takes Aim at the Tech Giant

Shares finished down 0.2% to $174.24 on Tuesday.

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