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Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran is a reporter for RealMoney.

Prior to joining RealMoney he was a Senior Reporter in the FT Specialist division of The Financial Times where he specialized in covering institutional investors.

Kevin is a graduate of Fordham University where he studied International Political Economy and English.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Chart of the Day: The Cloud Kings Lost Their Crown in the Fourth Quarter

As the market has encountered a bit of volatility and tech stocks began to falter overall, many cloud companies have outpaced the market on the way down.

Analysts Say Adobe's Post-Earnings Stock Decline Is a Buying Opportunity

With the growth drivers available for Adobe, the recent downturn in shares is only more enticing to many following the stock.

Adobe Takes Hit as Acquisition Costs Muddy Results and Outlook

The pricey acquisitions of Marketo and Magento become an easy scapegoat for the stock's slide on Friday.

Real Money Video Wrap: GE Jumps as Analysts Look to Price in Bottom

GE's downside may finally be appearing.

'Fire Sales' Raise Red Flags for GE Analysts

The rapid rate of asset sales is raising eyebrows on Wall Street.

Chart of the Day: There Are Better Bargains Out There Besides GE

If you're bargain hunting, GE isn't the most attractive offer.

General Electric Initiates $1.2 Billion Industrial IoT Effort as Stock Rebounds

The renewed investment accelerates the company's commitment to industrial internet of things technology.

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