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Debra Borchardt

Debra Borchardt is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of the cannabis financial news site Green Market Report. She is an award-winning journalist who has covered the cannabis industry for the last seven years. Debra is often a panel guest or moderator at cannabis conferences and is considered a thought leader in the industry. She has appeared on Yahoo Finance TV, Cheddar TV and Bold TV to speak about the financial aspects of the industry. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

5 Cannabis ETFs to Fire Up Your Portfolio

Two of them are brand new.

Convenience Stores Want to Radically Change the Cannabis Industry

If cannabis is descheduled, it is likely it will become federally regulated -- and convenience stores are preparing their case for selling it like tobacco products.

The USDA Legalized THC - But No One Noticed

It looks as if this is the next cannabis domino to fall.

Canaccord Isn't Overly Worried About 2 Pot Stocks Whose CEOs Recently Left

The firm rates MJardin as a 'Hold' and Tilt Holdings as a 'Speculative Buy.'

Cannabis Firm Cresco Labs Skips the Flash, Keeps It Real

With over 56 brands, CRLBF has something for everyone and that is the secret sauce of this unassuming company.

Hemp Is No Ordinary Crop and Market

The market for hemp-derived products is exploding and financial instruments that are going to be created to work within the market will grow, too.

Everything Cannabis Investors Need to Know About This Year's 420 'Holiday'

Sales for Pot Holiday 420 will get rolling early this year. Any cannabis investor should pay attention.

DionyMed Split From Eaze to Affect Revenue

The cannabis company said it was going to invest in its own delivery service called "Chill."

If Cannabis Firm Vireo Gets a Green Light, Bargain Hunters May Want to Invest

This legal-marijuana company is flying under the radar after a scandal involving two ex-employees.

Plus Cannabis Gummies Get a 'Speculative Buy' Rating With a Delicious Outlook

If Plus cannabis gummies are a big hit, just think how consumers will respond to hemp-derived CBD gummies.

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