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Debra Borchardt

Debra Borchardt is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of the cannabis financial news site Green Market Report. She is an award-winning journalist who has covered the cannabis industry for the last seven years. Debra is often a panel guest or moderator at cannabis conferences and is considered a thought leader in the industry. She has appeared on Yahoo Finance TV, Cheddar TV and Bold TV to speak about the financial aspects of the industry. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

The Honeymoon Is Over for Cannabis Stocks

Shares of Tilray, Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis are down sharply on Wednesday.

Out-of-Stock Levels Are High for Recreational Cannabis in Canada

An early look at the market shows supply is finding it tough to keep up with demand.

Curaleaf Stock Stumbles as Multi-State Landscape Gets Crowded

The stock closed down on its first day of trading on the CSX. Here is a breakdown of the current landscape and some up-and-comers to keep an eye on.

What Barclays Gets Wrong About Cannabis and Tobacco

Cannabis and tobacco are hard to equate, which Barclays' primer on the Cannabis industry misses.

Anticipation Is Running High for Canadian Cannabis Sales

Wednesday is the first day for legalized cannabis sales in Canada.

Green Growth Executives Bring Retailing Savvy to the Cannabis Business

CEO Peter Horvath held top positions at Victoria's Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, DSW and Limited Brands.

Tilt Could Be a Sleeper Hit in Cannabis

While Tilt may be a little harder for some to wrap their heads around, it could pay off for cannabis investors.

Legalized Recreational Marijuana Won't Kill Medical Marijuana

Sales trends and the potential for stronger versions of prescription cannabis offer medical marijuana providers hope.

Banking Options Remain Limited for Cannabis Businesses

A new report indicates only a few dozen institutions have been willing to take the risk of serving marijuana-related businesses in earnest.

Vape Pen Growth Is Going to Explode

Here are 4 stocks to buy to invest in this trend.


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