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Dave Butler

With a background in economics, Butler has been writing investment articles for about four years now. He likes value plays, and equities that avoid debt. He believes in earnings, not charts.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Boston Beer Is Not a Poor Man's Stock

Boston Beer is an expensive stock despite the company's solid fourth-quarter earnings.

Walmart Is Amazon's Forgotten Headache

The sales story is what will really drive Walmart's stock today.

4 Earnings Reports I'll Be Watching This Week

Walmart, Boston Beer, Domino's Pizza and Zillow all report earnings this coming week.

Now Isn't the Time to Gauge Marijuana Stocks

Right now they are speculative growth stocks through and through.

Two Dividend Stocks I Own and One I'm Looking to Buy

These stocks aren't going out of style.

Dunkin' Brands Is a 'Hold' at Best

There isn't a lot of wiggle room here. If things start to flatten out, or head south, this stock could show significant downside.

I Remain Unimpressed By Snap

My take on Snap is simple -- the stock is overpriced.

Gilead Shares Fall After Hours as Company Misses on Quarterly Earnings

Medicine is a slow business and I view Gilead Sciences as a hold for now.

Tesla's Earnings Don't Validate Its Market Value

The numbers just don't add up for this stock.

For McDonald's, It's Short Term Value Potential vs. Long Term Questions

Investors seem to have a high tolerance for the company's liabilities due to its time honored performance.

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