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Dave Butler

With a background in economics, Butler has been writing investment articles for about four years now. He likes value plays, and equities that avoid debt. He believes in earnings, not charts.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Boston Beer Is on the Right Track

But the company's shares are not a buy right now.

Twitter's Earnings...Almost There

2018 is finally showing us better management of the company's expenses relative to its revenue growth.

Be Ready to Ride the Dividend on Gilead Sciences

There are no catalysts to drive the stock price higher, so for now, Gilead is simply a cheap stock with a nice dividend.

Is Harley Davidson Adapting Quickly Enough?

Harley isn't adapting fast enough to changing consumer preferences for smaller, more nimble bikes.

I Wouldn't Buy McDonald's Stock Today

If you like investing for the long haul, my concerns are something to think about.

I Have Some Long-Term Questions for Netflix

The growth story for Netflix has been predicated on the idea that it could derive massive user engagement that would counter its big debt financing.

UnitedHealth Group: A Steady Performer With Room to Run

When looking at UNH stock, you're looking at reliability.

Is This Struggling Retailer the Next Bet for Shorts?

I view J.C. Penney as the next bet for shorts.

Facebook: Adapt or Die

Instagram founders' exit could be the shake-up Facebook needs.

Snap's Friday Rally Is Misguided

Snap's record lows are not a buying opportunity.

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