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Dave Butler

With a background in economics, Butler has been writing investment articles for about four years now. He likes value plays, and equities that avoid debt. He believes in earnings, not charts.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Harley-Davidson Has Few Drivers for Growth

I don't see the appeal of this stock right now.

Starbucks Fails to Make a Compelling Case for Its Stock

The king of coffee failed to alleviate my concerns with its quarterly earnings report on Thursday.

I Don't See Ford's Stock Accelerating Anytime Soon

Ford posted a quarterly loss in every segment outside of North America.

The Streaming Service Price War Takes Direct Aim at Netflix

In the end, this will all come down to pricing and value. It always does. My prediction is an absolute bloodbath.

TD Ameritrade Is Well-Positioned for Growth Amid Volatile Markets

TD Ameritrade shares were rising after hours in the wake of the brokerage's strong fiscal first-quarter earnings.

Why I'm Banking on UBS

The company remains one of the biggest players in the investment world.

Disney Is Netflix's Biggest Threat and a Better Investment

Disney's strong track record of creating incredibly profitable content is something that Netflix has not yet achieved.

BlackRock's Earnings Slump Shouldn't Come as a Big Surprise

The steep declines over the past seven months make me much less critical of BLK's Q4 results.

7 Key Names to Watch This Earnings Season

The next month and a half could make or break this stock market.

Key Aphria Executives Departing as Company Reports Jump in Quarterly Revenue

I think it's a good thing that CEO Vic Neufeld and co-founder Cole Cacciavillani are leaving the company.

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