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Dave Butler

With a background in economics, Butler has been writing investment articles for about four years now. He likes value plays, and equities that avoid debt. He believes in earnings, not charts.

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Recent Articles By The Author

The Story for Disney Is Just Getting Started

With investments in streaming, the Fox buy, and its upcoming entertainment bundle, the content king is poised for long-term gains, despite misses in the third quarter.

6 Stocks to Watch This Week

It's judgment week for Planet Fitness as it's bulking up -- on debt -- and for Disney as it's lining up against Netflix. Find out which other stocks to watch from now to Friday.

Cannabis Firm Aphria Reports Stellar Earnings

I think Aphria is starting to show its potential.

Something Doesn't Taste Right in Q2 Dunkin' Earnings

While the coffee-and-doughnut giant delivered on earnings and international growth, the forecasts on earnings appear stagnant, Baskin-Robins is somewhat of a basket case domestically and there's little buffer for the company in hard times.

Here Are 8 Stocks to Watch This Week

Apple, Dunkin' and that pricey cooler company -- Yeti -- are among the big names reporting this week.

McDonald's Stock Touched All-Time Highs Friday, But I'm Not Lovin' It

The chain's second-quarter results leave too many unanswered questions for my appetite.

Starbucks Is My Biggest Mistake

I'm man enough to admit it. I was wrong on the stock.

No Way Harley's an Engine for Growth

Sales declines throw a wrench into news of motorcycle maker's earnings beat.

From Harley to Snap: Top 7 Stocks to Watch this Week

They include sizzling household names -- such as McDonald's and Facebook -- and regional banks -- such as First Commonwealth -- and they are all names to keep an eye on this week as earnings come in.

Netflix's Newest Drama: Its Q2 Earnings

As Netflix dropped following a subscriber miss revealed in its quarterly report on late Wednesday, key challenges emerged: declining net income, slowing membership growth and increased competition from Disney and others.

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