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Dave Butler

With a background in economics, Butler has been writing investment articles for about four years now. He likes value plays, and equities that avoid debt. He believes in earnings, not charts.

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Fast Food, Coffee and a 'Hog' -- These Are 3 Stocks to Watch This Week

These iconic American brands have shown uneven progress lately -- and here's what to watch with their most recent quarter.

Nike Hits It Out of the Park

The balanced nature of Nike's gains across all its major markets implies great strength for the king of sports apparel.

Here Are Four Stocks to Watch Amid Turbulent Week in News

As Brexit, China trade and other big headlines continue, it's time to look at the fundamentals of Blackberry, Nike and others who report this week.

With Trade Brawl in Way, FedEx Just Can't Deliver

FedEx's weak quarterly earnings -- even with TNT Express costs aside -- give us some real-world proof that global growth is slowing.

Something to Chew-y On: Stocks to Watch This Week

Aside from FedEx, here are several restaurant and food (including pet food) companies reporting earnings to watch this week.

GameStop Looks Like a Loser

Owning a retailer like GME that is wholly dependent on such a specialized market is a bad bet -- as confirmed by the company's second-quarter earnings miss.

This Week I'm Watching These 3 Stocks

Eyes on American Eagle, Lululemon and National Beverage.

Ollie's Stock Now a Bargain, Too

Down after an earnings miss, the low-cost outlet retailer is likely poised to perform well, even in a recession.

This Week I'm Watching These 5 Stocks

A diversity of companies to pay attention to.

It Might Be Worth Waiting to See If Foot Locker Is Still a Solid Business

For FL, the story is very much a question of whether the second half of the year can be better than the first.

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