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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Is a Biden/Democratic Sweep Really a Done Deal?

The market won't tell you which way it will go, but it's important to look at positioning and assess the asymmetric risks.

I Vote for Not Dismissing Risk

Everyone seems to be pricing in a Biden win and stimulus passing -- while shorting the dollar and eyeing the recovery basket. But they could get 'scared.'

Come on Market, Which Is It: Growth or Value?

October can be a tricky month. But all asset classes are linked to U.S. dollar right now.

The Market's Sending Mixed Signals, but the Risk Ahead Is Clear

We should be closely watching the dollar for clues of what's to come.

Is the Market Finally Waking Up to the Term Stagflation?

U.S. economic data is showing signs of a slowdown and the job market is in a mess.

Waiting to Buy the Next Dip Could Turn Into an Expensive Proposition

Traders who hope to catch another market pullback before buying could regret their inaction should stocks grind higher.

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

It's important to rethink one's hedge as just because it worked over the past doesn't necessarily mean it will in the future.

What Happened to Gold and Silver Going Higher, Pounding the Table Calls?

As gold and silver tick lower and lower, investors are eagerly watching their charts to give them a clue that will never happen.

September Technology Calls Expire Worthless for Robinhood Traders

Those traders who hoped to capitalize on market momentum with call options have discovered this month that stocks don't always go up.

Saudi Oil Minister Threatens Oil Short Traders, but It's the Longs Liquidating

Shorts have not even started pressing over the price yet.

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