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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Will the U.S. Shoot Itself in the Foot in a Race to the Bottom With China?

For Trump to get what he wants, he will tariff nations and cause an economic shock just to get the Fed to further cut rates.

Powell Wishing on a Crystal Ball as Fed Cuts Rates

There is a real risk brewing in global financial markets.

Equities Are In Their Own Merry World, Right Now

The FX and bond markets are trading logically, and any major news or headwind could change trend in the equity markets, and quickly.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword, With the Fed It Just Happens to Be True

Fed speakers are using this opportune time to posit their views.

Markets Focused on Earnings Ahead of the July FOMC Meeting

Whether the U.S. economy warrants a rate cut at this stage of the cycle is perhaps debatable.

Where Is the Value in the Oil Sector?

The best way to play this is via refining sector companies with the best earnings leverage.

Beware the Bond Shock on Strong Nonfarm Payrolls

The Fed can't justify a rate cut soon on the strong jobs growth data. Expect bond selling and a follow-on hit to equities.

Trump Creates Wild Card for OPEC

Petroleum producing nations know supply, but can't figure out demand as U.S. shale, the China trade war and international dealing by Saudi Arabia and Russia come into play.

G-20 Has Come and Gone -- So What Did It Achieve?

Trump and Xi Jinping met at the G-20 and agreed to meet and continue talks further, but nothing else was said.

The Fed Finally Starts Making Sense, and Here is How to Play It

The world needs to accept that relations between the U.S. and China will never be the same, and ultimately counting on the Fed to cut rates is not going to help fundamentals.

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