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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Buckle Up, We May Already Be in a Recession

Growth will keep falling off a cliff unless Fed Powell comes to the rescue. But it is unclear whether he can, or will.

This Is a Market Under Stress

This could either be a brilliant buying opportunity or a value trap. If a trade deal is not reached by the end of June, this selloff can get a lot worse.

What Comes First, a Trade Deal or Stagflation?

It seems the market has not learned its lesson.

Trump Goes on the Offensive With Iran

As global growth is slowing down, the last thing American consumers need is a spike in oil prices.

Don't Believe Trump's Claims on China Trade Deal Breakdown

Trump may say China broke the deal, but here is a deeper dive into what happened -- and what the outcome is likely to be for the markets.

Calm Before the Storm as Trade Tariffs Kick In

China has a lot more ammunition than Trump or his advisors are telling him.

'Buy The Dip' May Be Losing Its Power

Keep an eye on FX markets. If the yuan drops and dollar rises, commodities and cyclical growth stocks will get hit.

Trade War, China Tariffs and the Return of King Kong Trump

With plenty of chest-beating, Donald Trump tweeted plans for further tariffs against China.

The Fed Is Not as Dovish, but the Market Is at All-Time Highs

If the market and economic data continues this way, logically the next step would be for a rate increase, not decrease -- regardless of what Trump may be demanding.

China Data Slows (Again) and the Fed Is in a Bit of a Pickle

Plus, this market is at fair value -- and Alphabet is a reminder of how mispriced stocks can be.

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