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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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G-20 Has Come and Gone -- So What Did It Achieve?

Trump and Xi Jinping met at the G-20 and agreed to meet and continue talks further, but nothing else was said.

The Fed Finally Starts Making Sense, and Here is How to Play It

The world needs to accept that relations between the U.S. and China will never be the same, and ultimately counting on the Fed to cut rates is not going to help fundamentals.

Best Asset Class to Own Into the Second Half of 2019

Cash is king from a risk vs. reward perspective.

Powell Nailed FOMC Press Conference, Ball Is Back in Trump's Court

The market is cheering for rates to be cut, but forgets they are being cut on the back of global growth collapsing, which is negative for risk assets.

Market and Trump Forcing Powell to Make a Decision

The Fed needs the justification from the data to be able to cut -- it does not have that green light yet.

Oil Prices Spiking on Potential Terror Attacks Is Never Positive for Equities

Product demand remains tepid at best and OPEC has downgraded its oil demand growth for 2019.

Is OPEC Now Running Scared?

Be patient on oil names, as June brings a trifecta of macro events -- the Fed FOMC meeting, OPEC meeting and the all-important G-20 meeting.

Is This a Long-Term Bull Market, or Just a Value Trap?

We only see sustained rallies at the 'end' of a Fed rate-cut cycle, so we're likely not past the storm yet.

Oversold Bounce Has Played Out, but Bonds and Equities Can't Have It Both Ways

It's important to take a step back and see what is happening across asset classes.

What Can We Expect From Jerome Powell at the Next FOMC Meeting?

Powell may have his hands tied behind his back, as consumer spending, inflation and labour market indicators are still resilient.

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