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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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It Was All About the Stimulus, Not Fundamentals

China's massive spending spree evident in the first quarter is in the past now. Here is what it means.

What Oil Shortage? Just a Case of Supply Being Redistributed

Saudi Arabia is primed to pick up the slack in the oil markets with the impending loss of Iranian crude as the Trump Administration ratchets up the pressure on Tehran.

What's in Store for China After Its Massive Stimulus Boost?

The second quarter will be interesting, but China's equity market does not look as tempting now as it did back in January before China injected a ton of liquidity into its system.

What Does Chevron's Anadarko Play Mean for Shale and Oil?

This was an opportunistic, fair deal and will boost other shale operators.

Steel Is Rising on Seasonal Demand

Lock in profits in mining stocks as demand picks up.

With the Market at Its Highs, What Will Q1 Earnings Bring?

Those investors who called the market bottom back in January will be well served to be in cash.

Saudi Arabia's Tough Balancing Act on Oil

The Kingdom must balance between pleasing their key ally, the U.S. -- and the president's prolific tweets -- and their own domestic needs.

Bonds vs. Equities: Something Has to Give

It seems the bond market has taken a very pessimistic stance on any recovery happening.

Listen to the Wise Traders of the Bond Markets

They are more seasoned than traders of any other asset class.

The Fed Is Running Scared

The equity market is massively overpriced, and there are some serious recession risks looming with a Fed that is backed into a corner.

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